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Tweaks the survival mode needs to what *I* feel is more realistic. The vanilla values are just too much NO ONE needs to eat and drink that frequently.

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The following is a list of the various stages of needs and the changes I've made to them "V" indicates the vanilla status effect and "M" indicates the modified values:
Parched- V -1 Int | M End -0 {so the icon still shows up} (You can be a little thirsty without losing your ability to think)
Thirsty- V -2 Int, -1 Per | M -1 End (Your thirst is starting to effect your ability to push yourself)
Mildly Dehydrated- V -4 Int, -3 Per, -1 Luk | M -2 End, -1 Str (You're weakened by the lack of water...and why would anything make you less lucky?)
Dehydrated- V -8 Int, -5 Per, -2 Luk | M -4 End, -2 Str, -2 Agl, -2 Per, -2 Int, -2 Cha (You're starting to become delirious and incoherent from a lack of water)
Severely Dehydrated V -10 Int, -7 Per, -3 Luk, Periodic dmg  |  M -8 End, -5 Str, -5 Agl, -5 Per, -5 Cha, -5 Int (You're on the verge of collapsing and passing out)

Peckish- V -1 End  | M End -0 {so the icon still shows up} (again, you can be a little hungry without a negative physical effect)
Hungry- V -2 End, -1 Cha  |  M -1 End, -1 Cha (you're slowing down and getting grumpy from hunger)
Famished- V -4 End, -3 Cha, -1 Luk  |  M -2 End, -1 Cha, -1 Str (you're starting to get weak from hunger and again...Luck???)
Ravenous- V -8 End, -5 Cha, -2 Luk | M  -4 End, -4 Str, -2 Cha, -2 Agl, -2 Int, -2 Per (You're having trouble focusing your mind and are very weak)
Starving- V -10 End, -5 Cha, -3 Luk, Periodic Dmg  | M -8 End, -8 Str, -4 Agl, -4 Int, -4 Per, -4 Cha (You're starting to hallucinate from hunger and you're...well...starving)

I made the later stages of sleep deprivation more severe.  Changed all luck decreases (why always with the luck?) to Endurance loss.  Those being -1 at "Weary" -2 at "Exhausted" and -3 at "Incapacitated."  Also added -1 int at weary stage (lack of REM sleep is effecting your cognitive abilities,) -2 Int and -1 Cha at exhausted stage (you're snapping at people around you and can't concentrate) and -6 Int -3 Cha at the Incapacitated stage (You're starting to hallucinate and are nearing the point of collapse).

Due to various requests I have added an additional file that removes fatigue from all hunger and thirst levels.

Oh!  I also fixed a typo that has been driving me crazy on one of the load screens.  The "...going without food, water OF rest..." screen now says, "or" as it should.