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A retexture of the Mechanist Armor done up to look more like the concept art. 4K and 2K maps.

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Looking for someone with the know how on how to add a cape to this mod. If you do please feel free to PM me and let me know. I would love to have your addition to this mod. Thank-you!

Hey guys! Here is a retexture of the Mechanist armor I did to look more like the concept art. The whole texture is made from scratch included with brand new normals and spec maps as usual. I also did some small edits to the knee-pads and the chest piece to be closer to the concept art. It's not a huge difference, but I hope at least a few people who use this armor can appreciate it. Feel free to let me know what you think! Thank-you!

Please Note! I am using the Enhanced Wasteland Preset for the screenshots. I would highly recommend it if you do not have it!

"Robot Armor Retextured"

"Better Nuka-Cola Machine"