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Sol's Limited Fast Travel for Survival Mode

Limited fast travel options between owned settlements

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Sol's Limited Fast Travel for Survival Mode

I like survival mode overall but just got tired of walking from one end of the map to another.  So this is a compromise,  figured if you can make supply lines to settlements you should be able to fast travel to them.


(1) You Must be very close to a WorkBench that you control for fast travel to be enabled

(2) You can only travel to other settlements where you control that workbench

This script fires every 15 seconds.  On save load or location change will take that long to work.

Just unzip to your Data directory.  Add to your plugin file as normal.

I updated my Fallout4.ini file section [Archive] entry sResourceDataDirsFinal to contain "SCRIPTS\" otherwise the item may not work.  My entry reads: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, SOUND\, MESHES\, SCRIPTS\.  This might be an unneeded step but if you are not getting the messages about being able to use Sol's Limited Fast Travel please update and try again.

If everything is working correctly you should automatically receive messages when you are in range of a workbench.