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A small mod that enables a 'one click' hotkey function for superior screenshots

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Update: Added optional download which is a save file of the feature character 'Mischa' (above). This can be used with Faceripper to create a new character from the save though I would not begrudge anyone playing from the save, but be warned if you do that she is from a heavily modded version of the game and is saved in a custom area so you would as a minimum need: Homemaker & Basement Living to pick up with her since that is her saved location in the file.

Otherwise, she uses a standard CBBE (Curvy) body with Ida textures, True Eyes & KS Hair - so enjoy :)


For clarification: The scripted setup this mod installs does NOT take screenshots for you. It simply takes care of a few messy console commands which would often preempt a screenshot. When you press the LCSS hotkey (Default F12) you will then be ready to screenshots as per your normally preferred method be it in-game, ENB, fraps etc.

A word of warning: Since publishing this I have learned that Steam screenshots also default F12 so if you use this option in Steam then you will need to reallocate the LCSS hotkey as per the below instructions.

This setup will allow superior screenshots in game. With this, pushing the hotkey (default F12) will pause the game, release camera, smooth movement, clean blood splatter off camera & toggle Immortality Mode (NOT Godmode, since IM still allows full functionality such as stimpaks etc) allowing you to line up those beautifully imagined screenshots with a single click - no more spamming commands through the console or remembering bat file names to run!

I know there are already some mods out there which can be brought together to achieve this same effect; a couple of downloads here, a few ini tweaks and console commands there...

But my preference is to have everything in one (relatively!) simple mod, so I put this together - actually as a personal request - in an effort to enable this functionality for all in the simplest possible manner.

So download, install, snap away... and share! Half the fun of taking super screenshots is to show them off - so please come back and share your creations here with the rest of the community, and feel free to endorse whilst doing so if you like :)


This should have no conflicts, though since it also edits the hotkeys.ini I strongly recommend following the install instructions for if you already have Fallout4 Hotkeys installed


This mod is what it is and I don't envisage any need for future update unless any future game patch breaks the functionality somehow. The only this lacks at the moment is the support of a facial expression mod which is beyond my current skillset, though I would love to hear of any in development and would gladly assist where possible!


1: Copy folder contents to Game directory, this should place LCSS.txt in same location as Fallout4.exe and hotkeys.txt in the data folder

2: Add the following section to Fallout4Custom.ini in MyDocuments directory:
   (You can skip this step if you already use Fallout4 Hotkeys)


3: Open the hotkeys.txt and change the hotkey to your preference (I use F12 as it's next to print screen). IF you already have Fallout 4 Hotkeys installed, just copy the hotkey line from the hotkeys.ini file included with this mod and add it to your existing hotkeys.ini, adjusting the keybind accordingly

4: Optional: you can adjust the smoothed out camera speed by altering the 'SUCSM' value in LCSS.txt - experiment to see what works for you

5: Other recommendations:

Vogue ENB preset
Enhanced color correction

If you use Vogue (or any other ENB) I also recommend changing the following line in your Fallout4.ini:


This will stop the game default screenshots from duplicating those taken by the ENB as they both use the print screen button but only the ENB screenshots utilize the ENB effects)


Delete LCSS.txt & hotkeys.ini, or just remove the keybind from hokeys.ini