Fallout 4

About this mod

Adds 6 new clearable encampments populated by new-ish, leveled aliens with new-ish weapons. Aliens also added to list of Settlement attackers.

Permissions and credits
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Alien Encampments Mod

This mod adds seven new clearable enemy encampments to the game, each populated by new-ish aliens. The locations can be found while wandering the Commonwealth, or you can take a look at the Images Tab to find where they are right away. The mod also adds aliens to the list of groups that can attack your Settlements, complete with unique attack messages.

Each encampment features a crashed (naturally) UFO, four "regular" aliens, and one "boss" alien. Once the boss alien is killed, the encampments will become "cleared"--and will be marked as such on your Pip-boy map--and will stay that way for several in-game days, before respawning, and no longer appearing as "cleared". All but one of the locations can be fast-travelled to, but note that you WILL spawn into the middle of a group of very angry aliens if you do!

The aliens come in three classes, that are leveled to the Player:
  • Alien Scouts, which are level 5, and show up as "regular" aliens for players up to level 15. They look exactly like the vanilla alien, and carry Scout Blasters.
  • Alien Grunts, which are level 15, and show up as "regular" aliens for players up to level 30, and "boss" aliens for players up level 15. They wear a blue version of the alien spacesuit, and carry blue-colored Grunt Blasters.
  • Alien Captains, which are level 30, and show up as "regular" aliens for all players above level 30, and "boss" aliens for all players above level 15. They wear a gold version of the alien spacesuit, and carry the Captain's Sidearm, along with a single plasma grenade and a single stimpak each.

There is also a unique alien, the Alien Leader, who can be found at one specific encampment (to find out which one, either check them all, or, as stated above, check the Images Tab). He is set to level one for one with the Player, so even if you're already a few dozen levels higher than the Alien Captains he can still put up a decent fight! The Alien Leader wears a red version of the alien spacesuit, and carries three plasma grenades, two stimpaks, and the unique weapon "Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator" This Alien Leader will only be encountered the first time you visit his encampment. Once the encampment respawns, he will be replaced with a generic "boss" alien, so if you want his gun, don't forget to grab it!

The Q-36 is a texture-and-stat-edited version of the Alien Blaster. It features:
  • A new bright red texture instead of the Blaster's dull pinkish red.
  • Significantly increased damage.
  • A unique Legendary Effect that causes enemies killed with critical hits to explode and cause damage to those around them.
  • A new mod tree (still all the same mods as the regular Blaster, but listed in their own tree instead of with it)
  • No ability to swap ammo types (lore-wise because it's more advanced; gameplay-wise both because it's stupid powerful and because the new aliens will sometimes drop Alien Blaster Cells when they die, with the Alien Captains ALWAYS dropping a significant amout)

Also note that the other classes of aliens have new weapons as well, which are not unique, and can be scrapped if needed:
  • The Scouts have Scout Blasters, which are identical in appearance to the vanilla alien blaster, but do half the damage. They can also be converted to use Fusion Cells like the vanilla blaster.
  • The Alien Grunts have Grunt Blasters, which are blue in color, and do the same damage as the vanilla blaster. They can also be converted to use Fusion Cells.
  • The Alien Captains have the Captain's Sidearm, which is yellow in color, and does 50% more damage than the vanilla blaster. It can be converted to use Plasma Cartridges.