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New worldspace around Seattle with new quests.
Build your own empire and choose how to rule it.

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No longer in development, switched back to my Skyrim mod, F4's editor is just way too problematic -weird soap effect when lights are on and impossible dialogue system to work with.
Requires Far Harbor DLC

Project Empire


You were captured by a group of raiders that have been capturing one settlement after another. You've managed to escape and get to Cloud Crew's Skyscrapper in Bremerton. They provided you with all sorts of supplies and healed your wounds so now they want to do a few tasks, to pay back for their supplies. After that they will ask the player to stay and help them defend their selves from upcoming raider attack, but Cloud Crew will not be able to defeat army of these raiders just by themselves, so player will have to unite 2 other factions nearby with Cloud Crew and create a new faction. After they will be united player will become the leader of these 3 factions and will be able to change such things as combat style of his new empire's army, their armour type and so on. He will also be able to send workers to clean the roads from rubble, build or rebuild train tracks, set a train on them and establish trade routes. Player also will be able to capture old factories, military bases, power plants and etc to gather resources for his settlements and be able to train his army and equip them with better armour and weapons.


  • Completely new worldspace.
  • Conquer other settlements and factions or convince them to join your empire.
  • Quests with multiple choices that will affect your relationship with NPCs, factions and world.

Latest video:

Just drop everything that the archive contains into your Fallout 4's "Data" folder. Make sure that BOTH ESM and ESP are turned on.

Some commands:
setstage PE_CQ01 10 - will activate the first stage of a quest.
cow ProjectEmpire 0 0 - will teleport to Northwest Commonwealth
(4 -22 - Bremerton, Cloud Crew's Skyscraper) 
(2 -18 - National Guard's Training Yard)
tcl - fly around
player.setscale 0.1 - 10 - will increase player model's size and increase movement speed, it will also increase jump height, so don't jump from mountains or you'll brake your legs, DayZ style ;)
set gamehour to 0 - 23 - changes game hour


Map markers are not visible on the map in your Pip-Boy, don't know how to make them visible yet.
Roombounds are not final in Cloud Crew's Skyscraper.