Fallout 4
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Wulf is an abandoned submarine that serves as a player home/settlement.

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Wulf is a potential player home that can be found adrift at sea. Upon finding it, the player will have the ability to create a unique settlement inside the submarine and even relocate the submarine along the east coast.


  • Functional interior settlement, electricity included! Using the sub's nuclear generator, you shouldnt have power issues any time soon.
  • Since the submarine was being prepared for warfare, the player will be able to take advantage of the existing weapon systems to gain access to homing beacons.
  • Need to change up your appearance? Do it yourself! Just use the scissors in the bathroom.
  • Jail area, for punishing those you feel deserve it.
  • Want a change of scenery? Take a look through the periscope and change the sub's location!
  • Carve out your own unique experience in a safe haven of the wastelands!

For those who want to know the sub's location (and dont want to go through the trouble of finding it on your own) see the spoiler below:

First Fallout 4 mod release! :D 5/3/16

For those of you looking for a player home and NOT a player settlement, Dauntless is a good alternative.