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With this mod you can now utilize the Institute's relay technology independent of the actual facility. In other words, you can now teleport to and from anywhere in the Commonwealth! (Complete with effects and appropriate time adjustments)

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Teleport Everywhere
Fast Travel Replacement

     This mod was a personal desire of mine when I first met the Institute. I loved the idea of teleporting around the Commonwealth but was disappointed when after all these years the technology they'd developed required you to come in and out of the main compound. Well no more! With this mod enabled you'll be able to zip across the Commonwealth in minutes (literally!) and rush to whatever poor fools require your immediate aid (*cough* Thanks Garvey *cough*).
     Now, I'm not 100% sure this is technically lore friendly, however I like to imagine that after a certain turn of events, including but not limited to the Institute ending, that the Advanced Systems department would have all they need to update the relay technology. You could also argue that the technology itself was always there and that this was a silly limit Bethesda programmed to keep you from speeding up travel time. Either way, whatever helps you sleep at night!

  • Arrive at any discovered location with the same molecular relay beam effect as if going to and from the Institute facility. (seriously it's badass!)
  • Very little time passes (travel time is roughly equal to traveling to and from the Institute in vanilla) ~ 3-10 minutes depending on distance.
  • Loading screen tips and in-game hints are updated to reflect the change.

Couple things of note:
  • You must have completed the main quest "Institutionalized" in order to gain this technology (This is a mandatory quest towards the middle of the game).
  • You do not have to side with the Institute to use the technology initially, however if you ever become hostile with them you will lose it.
  • Due to the nature of the fast travel time multiplier being a game setting and not a script that can be easily accessed the mod will immediately take the quicker fast travel times into affect (even if you don't have the relay tech yet) - I tried several workarounds for this but it seems to be unavoidable. I recommend that if this bothers you to disable the esp until you complete the quest and the time multiplier will revert to vanilla values.
  • If you don't want the tooltip changes or the quicker fast travel time then you can disable the esp entirely and the included script will still function with the proper in-game teleportation effects. 

     I recommend you install with Nexus Mod Manager for easiest installation, otherwise manual is pretty simple: just put the contents of the zip archive into your ~/Fallout 4/Data/ folder wherever that may be. Overwrite files if prompted but be sure to BACK UP FIRST!

     This mod was made with the 1.5 update which is required by the CK anyway so needless to say you will need at least this game version to run the mod properly (I cannot predict any problems on earlier game versions). I've tested this on a pre-existing 1.5 save game and a new save game and have encountered no bugs thus far. If you have problems post a comment and I'll look into it. 

Known Issues:
  • Changing cells via a load door or anywhere that requires a loading screen between areas will trigger the effect. This is because the script fires whenever the player character changes locations. I'm currently looking into alternatives.