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Add's a custom liquor Still workstation, makes all available alcohols and sodas in the game craft-able, with a couple custom ones.

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Adds a custom Moonshine Still just for making all the available booze, nuka colas, and a few of my own custom created recipes.

Custom recipes are:

Laudanum: A more home brewed alternative to Stimpacks. Restores limb condition and recover 50% health ( fairly addictive) .
Southern Moonshine: In a single word, it makes psycho look like a placebo.
Absinthe: An alternative to mentats. slows the perception of time, makes you more charismatic and makes you more lucky.
Tequila: alternative to jet fuel action point and refresh rate

To make the recipes and the Moonshine Still look under the crafting category in the workshop and place it at a settlement. All of the booze and soda recipes are located within. There are no chem station categories in it. 

Also, the custom boozes do not scale with the party boy perk because of technical issues, they do however benefit from the chemist perk.

Still and Laudanum model provided by jkruse05.

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Canned Goods Crafting: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13018/?