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Overhauls Goodneighbor's interior & exterior (exterior only version available). Beefed up defenses inside and out, more signage to lead you to the community, new city layout & entrance, more lighting & State House illuminated even from the outside. More npcs, more business, more activity.

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Welcome to GoodfellowGoodspring's Glorified Goodneighbor Mod
Version 1.2 has arrived! Check out the remastered old version of the mod for exterior only
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Check out my - Diamond City Defences

- Interior & exterior city, new lighting, clutter, building locations
- Entrance to city moved to main street
- New locations for npc spawns and scenes
- More npc and existing npcs have more life
- Cleaned up some grime/clutter
- New defenses

I missed Goodneighbor the first time around. Its wedged in the middle of the high rise Financial District and a fallen highway with loads of rubble. This mod makes sure that you will never miss it again.

The exterior of Goodneighbor is now defended. Diamond City and Goodneighbor are arguably the only real cities in the game, and the latter boasts no outside defenses at all. The city is located in a rather hostile area, you have Super Mutant and Gunners camped out either side of its entrance, its surprising that the city gets any visitors at all. A Neighborhood Watch patrol and sentry turrets now make up a maze of defences to protect the city from hostiles. Goodneighbor is also better signposted now. The main route from Boston Common now points you towards the city and enemy spawns/clutter has been removed to make a more secure path. You will now also see two giant neon signposts and the tower of the State House within Goodneighbor is now illuminated to guide you towards the city.

The interior is even more inviting. If you hadn't noticed already, the entrance to Goodneighbor is now on the main street instead of starting behind the State House. You are met with the introduction scenes as usual but in a new location. The city now has more lighting to make the area feel warm. The tower of the State House and the exterior of the Hotel Rexford are now lit up. More trashcan lighting and hanging bulb lighting has been added. Daisy has moved her shop into one of the pre-war shop window units, she now closes up shop and heads to the Third Rail then bed for the night. Her old shop now houses the homeless. Right outside this building lies all the clutter which was originally on the main street, now the entrance has been removed this area is the sleeping, run down area. The back door to the State House has been boarded up and is inaccessible. The walls around the city have been added too to make it look more secure. Citizens will now idle around the entire city instead of in just one area and guards have been moved around and their patrols routes changed slightly. Hancock will inspect Goodneighbor's businesses from time to time along with Fahrenheit..with her trusty minigun.  

Further versions of this mod:
- Add more npcs
- Add interiors/brothel to empty buildings units
- Fix bugs

Further mods:
- Similar overhaul mod but with Diamond City
- Friendly/neutral raiders in Combat Zone 
- More NPCs mod

Coming next in Version 1.3..