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Craft and deploy miniature Vertibirds!

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Stumbling across a mysterious holotape, the Sole Survivor discovers schematics for a unique series of miniature aircraft. These "Vertidrones" can provide the operator with a bird's-eye view of their surroundings, mount small energy weapons, or even be constructed around a mini-nuke for suicide runs...

Upon installing the mod, you will receive a Vertidrone Control Program holotape. Drones themselves can be constructed at any chemistry station from common materials. Using the holotape, you can manage up to five deployed drones at a time - view their video feed on your Pip-Boy, call a drone back to you, or order one to self-destruct. By default, drones will orbit the player's current location unless they have a valid combat target, and will follow you through fast-travels and cell changes.

Four varieties of Vertidrone are available: an unarmed scout, combat drones equipped with laser or plasma weapons, and an explosive suicide drone.

Future Plans

VERTIDRONES is the stand-alone release of a feature from my upcoming quest mod, E Pluribus Unum. This DLC-sized adventure will focus on the tragic aftermath of Fallout 3: a betrayal of the Lyons family at the hands of Brotherhood hard-liners, a great schism between the Lone Wanderer and Maxson's supporters, and a mass exodus from the Capital Wasteland to found a new nation in the Pitt. Now, ten years later, the Sole Survivor will tip the balance between the Brotherhood, the Lone Wanderer's followers, and a mysterious threat that has emerged in the no-man's-land between their nations...

Known Issues

I originally intended to include a manual control option, but as it turns out, attempting to command a flying actor using the companion interface will consistently produce CTDs. Once F4SE allows direct input to Papyrus scripts, a script-extended version of this mod will allow manual control of drones.

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