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Enables the console, auto saving, fast travel. Disables Encumbered damage & companions leaving on abandoning them.

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Sorry Folks, I took a hiatus from working on my mods  and fallout 4 in general due to real life. I am back now and will be patching/fixing any issues with them shortly. 


What this mod does:
  1. It re-enables the console in game for Hardcore Mode
  2. It re-enables fast travel for Hardcore Mode
  3. It disables damage incurred for being overburdened
  4. It disables companions returning to home if abandoned while down.

What this mod should do in the future:
  1. Re-enable TGM as a command. Sadly I have to build a script that enables the effects of TGM.

What this mod is not:
  • It is not a carbon copy of any ones mod. While the methodology Zion9876 and Hrenak found, aka changing HC_Rules and changing BENableConsole MenuDurringSurvival. This is something enabled in the game, and is editable by the CK without scripting. That being said, I am thankful that they did. Please see below.

If you only want to enable the console menu, click here


Download Via NMM & Install then:

  1. Go to your game data folder ie. c:\programfiles(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\fallout4\data\ and copy hc_edited.txt to your base game folder ..\fallout4\

  1. Place HC_Edited.txt in your main directory
  2. Place console.esp in your Data directory
  3. Enable the mod
  4. Launch the game or vice versa.
Once in game, open the console and type: bat HC_Edited. And your done! To "Save" you need to transition. Either use a door, or fast travel. That is all :P

Shout Out & Thanks

A big thanks to the folks who figured out the methods to enable parts of what is included in my mod:

A small edit, sadly I haven't figured out how to get the NMM to install files based on zip directory structure... so a small modification was made. Thanks for all of the feedback!