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Deleted all Perk Magazines from the wasteland and MOVED them to a Magazine Rack Vault 111, by where you get your PipBoy.

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Fallout 4

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Perk Magazine Mover



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[email protected]

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Deleted all Perk Magazines and MOVED them to the Magazine Rack in Vault 111, by where you get your PipBoy.
The first magazine in EACH SET is visible on the rack, the rest are INSIDE the rack, you must retrieve them
from the rack to get them.

The only Magazines NOT moved, are the ones you can not pick up anyway, in a very specific location:

I suggest, after getting all the Perk Magazines, if you are concerned about the non-scrappable stuff in Sanctuary Hills, you can deactivate this mod, and you should still be keeping the magazines. I'm NOT sure if they will reappear in the wasteland, as you will already have them, but if they do, think of it as a bonus.

Something else that can be done, is place this mod ABOVE (closer to the top of load order, closer to FALLOUT4.ESM) your scrapping mods, this might alleviate the problem with Sanctuary Hills.

Vault 111, inside where you first get PipBoy

Use Nexus Mod Manager

[Manual Installation]
Extract to a safe location, then copy or move the MagMover.esp file to:

Use Nexus Mod Manager

[Manual Uninstallation]
Remove MagMover.esp from fallout4\data\

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Creation Kit