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A simple Mod that allows you to place a small Rug instead of that ugly "Wannabe-Bars". The assigned NPC will stand on the Rug and do his (or her) dam job: Serving your Villagers wherever YOU want!

Permissions and credits
[Disclaimer] This is my first time modding Senpai, so please be gentle >.< [Disclaimer]

Sorry for the lack of Updates, I have been pretty busy the last few weeks but I'm looking forward to Update this Mod pretty soon. Some people asked me to include an option to select whether you want only a certain Tier of Shops or all of them. This is something that I will maybe add in the Future when I am done adding all Shops, but for now the majority seems to want all the Tiers, so I am very sorry but I will not include that very soon :)

First of all I would like to clarify that with Official Fallout 4 Patch 1.5 all Mods now disable Achievements. Yes it is total bullsh*t but Bethesda decided that. So If you want to be able to get Achievements while using Mods get Achievements.
This mod will re-enable Achievements while using mods!
(A mod that re-enables Achievements that are locked because you are using mods...dafuq)

Planned Features:
- Add optional preset Buildings for Shops - only Planned
- Add more Shops (Guns, Clothes etc.) - Work in progress
- Provide an Installer with fancy options - DONE
- Add Markers on Mats -
- Add Tier 1 and 3 Trader -

UPDATE 01.05.2016:
Now comes with an Installer and multiple options of markers on the rug and includes all Tiers of Food/Drink Vendors (<.<)

Are you annoyed that Bethesda doesn't want you to build the Bar you desire?
You just don't wanna use dat ugly thing they call Bar?
You want your Bartender using an actual counter, or a Bed or a glorious piece of as...bestos?

Just install this little Mod and place your new and shiny *bling* "Easy Bar" *bling*
(you can find the "Easy Bar"-Rugs under the Stores Tab. They willl cost you as much bottlecaps as their Vanilla counterparts)

Just be sure you're placing the Rug in the right directon (look for the Markers on the rugs. If you installed the "No Markers" option then I guess you have to trial/error...told ya it is not a good idea while installing but...nah nevermind) or otherwise the NPC will mistake the air with the actual counter *sigh*.
If you placed it wrong just flip it...yup as easy as that.

Oh yeah and the Mod is also available on Bethesda.net. So in case the Nexus isn't reachable (perhaps they got attacked by Raiders, better call the Minutemen) you can still get the Mod from there. "Easy Bar" never dies because a Bar has to have some style...NO MATTER WHAT!!!


No seriously have fun with that little Mod :)

Tools used by me:
Material Editor: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3635/?
BSA Unpacker: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/4804/?
Tutorial for creating FOMOD Installers (yes I'm a noob): http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39434/?
Paint.NET for the Textures
Fallout 4 Creation Kit