Fallout 4
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A simple mod that alters the likely hood of killmoves

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If you are like me and found that the killmove frequency in Fallout 4 was an absolute joke, then this mod is for you. I mean you are only suppose to be the most bad ass person in the commonwealth and that means killing in style. Now you can trigger some kill swagger at whatever rate your heart desires.

These plugins require absolutely nothing more than the base game to run and was created in G.E.C.K. beta

There should not be any conflicts what so ever besides mods that already alter killmove frequency. if you find any bugs please report it.

Comes in four flavors - 100, 75, 50 and 25. was not tested extensively but seemed to work really well on my machine when ran with the %75 version.

if you do not like the idea of this mod then do not download and keep your opinion to yourself.

Anyone may reuse this mod as they see fit just include me in the credits.

Forgot this info, to initiate killmoves, get enemy health really low and attack with the bash button.

Now with fomod installer. All credit for fomod installer to CRAZYJACKAL. Much appreciated addition.