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A new land and story to discover. Still in progress.

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New Hull is a dense southern town at the peninsula of the boston harbor far away from the bigger conflicts inside the city.
The Town is filled with small explorable areas, secrets, easter eggs, monsters and dark pre-war mysteries.
(Dont forget to leave feedback or else i dont know if im doing this right)



- This mod is still in the works and probably will be for a long time, once its finished i wont upload it to
- I have not visited Hull irl so dont expect 100% accuracy for all the houses that populate it.
- This is my first mod ever and i'll try to update it every few days until its done.
- You can get the boat ride to New Hull from Captain Noah's Boat South-East of the Atom Cats Garage or simply type "coc nhm000" in the console.
- If you find a bug, post a comment or an image so i know what your talking about, it really helps.


Known Bugs

- Distress signal missing
- Main quest starting without listening to distress signal
- Npc Noah walking into water
- Ugly or Missing Lod Textures
- Trees on house lod roof
- Fort Revere deathclaw not playing animations during combat
- Multiple Pirate Captains during beach cafe fight
- Unused hatch in church
- French Terminal
- Broken Sprint key
- Grammar errors in dialogue lines
- Npc Greeting through walls
- Broken quest stage scripts
- Missing/No dialogue voice lines
- Missing secret perk
- Inaccessible doors for unfinished interiors
- Npc's stuck under rocks
- Dead ends for interiors still under construction
- Unfinished lod along nantasket beach and Main land

Send me a PM on nexus if you want to help voice act, script or got some interesting ideas worth adding.
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Youtube : : Supernath97
Steam : SuperNath97