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Wintermute - Cyborg Companion. Male, female and child options. Very extensive customization options - skills, perks, height, voice, combatstyle, appearance, body/face textures etc. Create the perfect companion suited to YOUR individual playstyle and character background!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
Machine Mind, Human Body

Automatron AI and voiced follower with human body for standard appearance customization and equipment.

Craft the Wintermute Holotape at any chemistry bench. Load it and click the "Add perk" option in the MOD menu. Pick whatever NPC you want from the SUMMON menu and the Master Control Program will teleport them to your position for immediate use.

OLD WAY - Use the Control Rod by either equipping the NPC with or whacking them on the head with it to lock the Master Control Program on them. You can also talk to any active follower and select the appropriate topic to change target. Then just fire up the holotape and get to work!
NEW WAY - Crouch and pick the CONFIG option from the action menu. The Master Control Program Interface will automatically start with the selected NPC already locked in for editing.

Pretty much anything imaginable - body, face, height, combat style, voice, facial expressions, body language, bravery, name and so on. See the manual for the Master Control Program for full description (severely outdated). The full list of names as of 0.80 can also be found under the "Article" tab (current but you can name them whatever you want in the Robot Workbench). Most updated feature list is generally in the forums sticky so remember to check it out.

If you want to use custom body or face textures make sure to download the necessary addon file!

Absolutely nothing. All companions come with default settings. For a fresh survival game these are my personal recommendations
* Enable Stimpak use in COMBAT menu (Repair kits won't even drop until Automatron DLC level requirement making healing downed followers otherwise impossible)
* Enable Replenishing ammo in COMBAT menu
* Enable Lockpicking and/or Hacking if you don't want to double back later for containers or do the job yourself for the xp

* Voice changing takes a few seconds to take effect while the game loads the files.
* Mods that alter the companion system or other core functions might break Wintermute or make him/her vanish completely. Picking up Wintermute before activating the related mods can in some cases solve this.
* Multi-companion mods might work but in many cases they overwrite the automatron dialogue to inject their recruit and dismiss functions overwriting Wintermutes.
* Clones cannot have a unique appearance and will instead use the current one of the original
* Ada2Human will overwrite the Automatron quests and break dialogue. Make sure to load Ada2Human BEFORE Wintermute and use her with the default voice, Wintermute already has most if not all her lines lipsynched.

* Show off your Wintermute by uploading an image or two, don't forget to add which mods you use in case others want to create something similar
* Provide suggestions for features or rebalancing in the relevant discussion thread
* Enjoy the mod and have fun
* Read the manual for the different Master Control Program options found under the "Article" tab above.

* Report a but without first reading the forum thread and started a new game without any other mods to make sure it's actually a bug and not a conflict with anything else you have installed. If the problem still exists in a clean game and you know how to replicate it 100% please add your findings to the related discussion thread so others (and me) can easily find them. Bugs reported anywhere else and/or without the new game test will be deleted.
* Expect everything to work and nothing to break, this mod is my first and learn-by-doing project so there will be problems.

Automatron DLC

Glowing Eyes - For the glowing synths eyes
Fortaleza Armor - For the synth skin
Female Robot Textures - Robot/synht face and body skin
Survival Mode Console - Enables Console in Survival Mode so you can use the "slm" command to change physical appearance (optional as of 0.3)
LooksMenu - Allows saving and loading face-presets for easy and quick customization.
Face Ripper - Saves and loads faces from files. Can also reset them for those who use custom textures on an existing save (unverified)

See link top right of page.

Latest stable version is also available on Bethesda.Net for PC + XB1