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This console enabler works with the Fallout 4 version Survival Mode.

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Sorry Folks, I took a hiatus from working on my mods  and fallout 4 in general due to real life. I am back now and will be patching/fixing any issues with them shortly. 

Firstly a shout out to Zion9876 for figuring this out for the beta. I have simply made it work with the public release of survival mode.

A New Version with additional options/rules changed is located Here. I'm still working at enabling god mode, otherwise I am done. :)

Some people are having issue with Zion9876's console enabler. This one should work for them. Here is a link to his version.

That being said, I have the issue of enabling mods while in game crashing the game on data reload for some reason.

A few things to know:

It does not allow enabling TGM - It simply does not work. However all other console commands seem to be working for me. I will be looking into "God mode" for it and seeing if I can use papryus to re-enable if it takes that.

If Zion requests it, I will remove this file once you can use NMM or manual methods to enable his mod outside of game. I wanted the console, I knew I couldn't use it based on my results, so I enabled it myself. I am simply sharing the couple of minutes in the Creation Kit I spent enabling the console.