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Adds a custom, standalone rifle to the game, based on the real-world AS VAL and VSS Vintorez.

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Spetsnaz Rifle - Standalone Rifle
Version: 3.1
Mod by Undyne777
Rifle original models & textures by SAM61
Scope original models & textures by Tigg
Lighting Mesh Fix by Cumble (please give him kudos)

Adds a standalone suppressed rifle to the game based on the real-world AS VAL and VSS Vintorez. This rifle is features multiple weapon mods, allowing users to customize it to fit the role of their choice (CQC carbine, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, etc.).

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it! Cheers! :-)


A patch for New Calibers has been created and released by ShawnPhillips. Download it here.

A patch for AWKCR has been created and released by Valwereth. Download it here.

Modification Count:

Receivers --- 8x
Barrels --- 3x
Stocks --- 3x
Magazines --- 5x
Scopes/Optics --- 3x
Calibers --- 3x
Ammo Types --- 7x
Firing Modes --- Full & Semi Auto
Misc. Attachments --- 2x

=====Hot file on May 4th! Thank you to the community for your interest & endorsements!======
May the fourth be with you, always.

If you encounter any issues or crashes, DO NOT post to the comments. Your issue will probably get lost.
Help me help you. Submit a Bug report with your exact weapon build (eg. receiver, barrels, muzzles, etc.) and if you use any other mods that might conflict.


The legit way - find it in-game! It is integrated into vendor lists and loot lists for the Gunners.

The "cheat" way - use the console. Type in player.additem XX104F21F 1
(XX = the mod's # in your load order)

If you're unsure what the load order is, type in "Help Spet 4" and look for the WEAP entry.


1. The gun is mirrored, so the bolt and everything is on the left-side. I also manipulated the bolt to be a little more protruded so it more feasibly aligns with the animations. These are issue with the animations included with the base game - I have no control over these. I did the best I could with what I have - if you have a solution, then please let me know.

2. There is no 9x39mm SP5 ammo in the base game (and I do not want to require external mods for functionality), so I went ahead and used the 5mm ammo type. Anyone is welcome to create and release a compatability patch that changes ammo types.

3. The "PSO-1" scope is likewise mirroed (it looks wonky on the other side) and is solely referred to as the 4x Scope in-game. That's because I don't have the correct optic for a PSO and did not want to ruffle the feathers of any purists.


FOMM compatible
For manual installation, drag and drop into your FO4 Data folder


Delete the ESP and meshes/texture files included in this package


If you use any mod that modifies the leveleditem lists for Gunners or the Assault Rifle vendor list, there will be a conflict. You will need to create your own merged patch (using FO4Edit) or pray that some kind soul makes a patch for you. I am not able to do it for you due to time limitations on my end.

If you make a compatibility patch, you are free to release it to the public if you so desire.



Please reference the permissions settings for this mod. Any permitted use requires citation of myself and the original authors.
You may not use the contents of this file or commercial uses.

No need to ask if you would like to release updated textures or ESPs. Please just link back to this original file and cite the authors for their contributions. Thanks!


Myself (Undyne777) for porting the model/textures to Fallout 4, creating some new textures, and making model edits/tweaks
SAM61 for the original AS VAL and VSS Vintorez assets
Tigg for the original PSO-1 assets
Dazzerfong for advice on how to fix normal & specular maps
Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for their test distribution of FO4Edit on Nexus
Bethesda for the base FO4 files used to create the bipod, reflex sight, and bayonet attachments


Autodesk 3ds Max 
GIMP 2.0