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Adds a lore-friendly way of saving in the new Survival mode. Now with an ingame configurator!

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Now with an ingame configurator and FOMOD support!

This mod adds a somewhat lore-friendly(ish) method of saving in the new Survival mode. Throughout the Commonwealth you will find Recordable Holotapes that, once loaded into your Pipboy, will allow you to save your game once per holotape.


To use the holotapes, simply load it into your Pipboy, select [Start Recording] and exit the Pipboy. You're done! The holotape is consumed in the process, and a Used Holotape will replace it. The holotapes are quite rare, so use them wisely!

If you are using the No Leveled Lists version, you will have to add it to your inventory through the console (for now!). Refer to the F.A.Q.

How do I install this?
Either by using your favourite mod manager, or by extracting the .zip file to your Fallout 4 folder and activating it through the in-game Mods menu.
If you're not using a mod manager that can handle FOMOD, and don't want Leveled Lists integration, then extract the Optional folder to your Data folder.

If you're migrating from the No Leveled Lists version directly to the Leveled Lists version, then you may notice that holotapes aren't appearing in the world! This is an issue I am looking into fixing, but for now, a workaround is to either reset the quest with console commands (formID is XX004C66), or by saving the game while the mod is disabled, and then re-enabling it. Sorry for this!

If you're having other issues that are related to this mod, please report them.

Configuration Options:

This is a list of what the ingame configurator can... configure. More options may be added on request!

  • Enable/Disable Pipboy Consumption (Whether the Pipboy consumes the holotape or not.)
  • Enable/Disable Terminal Consumption (Whether Terminals consume the holotape or not.)
  • Enable/Disable Adrenaline Effect (Whether using a holotape will negatively affect your adrenaline or not.)
  • Enable/Disable Used Holotapes (Whether using a holotape will leave a used holotape in your inventory or not.)


Q: How exactly do I find this tape?
A: If you enabled leveled lists, then they will be found throughout the Commonwealth! 
Otherwise, you will have to add one to your inventory with the console.
Bring up the console and type:
player.additem XX000F99
where XX is the load order number of the mod (i.e. 05000F99).
Alternatively, you can find the FormID by typing:
help "Recordable Holotape" 0
and its FormID will be displayed which you can then use with the command "player.additem FORMID".

Q: How can I get unlimited amounts of saves?
A: There's a configurator built in to the actual holotape. Disable Pipboy and Terminal Consumption and there you go!

Q: What is the holotape's ingame name?
A: Currently it's "Recordable Holotape".

Q: How does this mod save?
A: The mod uses autosaving, to prevent save file bloating and filling up your load menu.

Q: I am getting an error message when I try to save...
A: You're using a used up holotape.

Q: Do these holotapes appear in other difficulty settings?
A: Yes, they're not tied to any difficulty at this point in time.

Currently no compatibility issues. This mod adds the item to the leveled lists through scripting, so any other mod that edits these lists should work fine.


The fellows over at Facepunch for coming up with the idea.
Sneverius for cooking up a wicked page banner, and for the German translation.
Wartinald for the Spanish translation.

This mod can now also be found at Bethesda.net!

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