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Craftable Retex of the Silver Shrout

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Hi Folks,

I wanted to give you a little update here. The Mod is not dead!!! But a the moment my time is really limited, not to say not existend.
I will pickup this mod again. And thanks to ROSESTORM there are some new ideas for the future. As long the mod is funktioning without any problems, it will keep it's current state.

At the moment I am learning to create meshes and textures from scratch. I don't know, when I can pickup the work on the mod again, but I will!!!

This little project starts as a retexture of the Silver Shrout Costume. I liked the original but I prefered a less washedout look and another color.
Also added a strong contrast between the coat and the scarf.^^
At the moment it has a strong mafiastyle. Look at the Screenshots and you know what I mean. It's an ongoing project for my personal taste, but I thought I share it with you and maybe someone likes it too.

I want to thank Vigilant Warden and Rosestorm for their feedback and so I added the Devil's Advocate to the mod, which switches the colors. 

Something for the girls
2 Variants of Nick Tracy craftable 
The Kitchen Brothers from Fargo

Added Nick Tracy Retexture to optional Files

Version 1.1
Added Devil's Advocate Suit and Hat

Version 1.0
Added Devil's Lawyer Suit and Hat

The Suits and the Hats are craftable at the Armorsmith Extended Workbench under Dapper and Headgear catagory. Both are moddable and have a legendary slot.

The plan for the future is to maybe add some accessories and some weaponretextures to fit the outfit.

If you have some ideas, post it in the commentsection and I will see what I can do.

Armor Keywords
Armorsmith Extended


The are two versions off the Suit. One with normal stats and one for people that use extreme damagemods like Full Weapon Rebalance. Install only one Version!!!

Both Suits and Hats have an added legendary Effect and you can add one yourself.

If you want the fitting Pipboy download it under the optional Files.

Known Issues:

Commonwealt Cuts - KS Hairdos are Clipping trough the hat. Azar Ponytails and Lots of Hair are okay.


Simply Download the Files you want with NMM and click install or manuell copy the files of the archive into your Fallout 4 Datafolder.


Uninstall via NMM or delete 

Data/Textures/Cloth/DevilsLawyer Folder
Data/Meshes/Cloth/DevilsLawyer Folder
Data/Materials/Cloth/DevilsLawyer Folder
Data/Textures/Cloth/DevilsAdvocate Folder
Data/Meshes/Cloth/DevilsAdvocate Folder
Data/Materials/Cloth/DevilsAdvocate Folder

DevilsLawyerNormalStats.Esp or DevilsLawyerVHStats.ESP

If you used the Pipboyretexture:


All Modders that make modding possible and shared their knowledge.
Without you guys there would be no Devils Lawyer!!!
Keep up the good work!! Love you all!!

Vigilant Warden