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Adds Mystic Pines as a settlement.

Available for PC, Xbox and Playstation.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: I am no longer working on this mod. ANYONE is welcome to continue the work. The main goal of the mod was to make Mystic Pines feel like a natural settlement, without ruining the aesthetic of the Fallout vibe. I hope this mod get's completed one day, unfortunately I haven't got the time to dedicate to doing so, nor the knowledge.

PC: https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/857639
Xbox One: https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/1508051
PS4:     Unavailable until beta.

No DLC is required to use this mod.

Do not hesitate to leave feedback and ideas.

Known issues
- The NPCs don't seem to bother with harvesting the planters, and instead stand still.
- Possible navmesh issue in the center area
- No navmesh on roof
- Existing beds aren't linked

New to using Creation Kit sort of. Never have attempted to make a mod for others to use. I do plan to keep this mod maintained to the best of my ability.

My main goal of this mod is to make Mystic Pines a functional settlement that you would assume it's part of the game by default. I'll be working on the main part of adding the settlement (separate .esp file) while Luis works on restoring parts of the building as an optional but recommended .esp here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12650

We plan to get both mods as perfect (bug-free, functional, etc) as possible before possibly merging them together.

Next update 'should' feature a lot of changes. I want to get a lot of changes done for one update which will likely be the last (with some minor fixes in the future). I've taken a break from Fallout 4 and modding, and I will probably be back at it when consoles get mods, or when the GECK leaves beta. I haven't given up, don't worry!


- Added script to the archive, meaning the settlement should work as it should.

- Re-enabled automatic ownership of workshop

- Added attack markers
- Added idle markers
- Added & linked planters
- Linked existing generator
- Modified the border in Nifskope (Now sits on the land better)
- Fitted buildable zone to border. (You can build up to the bridge)

- Fixed the 'clear enemies' issue. Press 'E' on the workbench to use.
- Settlers can come here now
- Stats show on map marker

- Added a border
- Added buildable area (doesn't align with border for now)
- Added Workbench 
- Added Workbench Container