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From the creator of Witcher 3's most popular graphics mod.

This adds rich next gen effects like SSAO, enhanced lighting, and sharper textures.

Permissions and credits
Add your own SSAO and HBAO to ANY reshade preset using these files.

In addition you can try a pre-made vanilla preset that adds SSAO, realistic lighting, and sharpening, to enhance the atmosphere of the game. 
This creates a more realistic feel without any color changes.

This mod will not be developed much - but will serve as a template/standard for future Reshade mods to include these effects

Highly recommend using a mod like Fog Remover to eliminate graphical glitches

Live Screenshot Comparison

Thanks to Chris2012

If you want to reduce the bleeding through fog effect, edit this line

#define AO_LUMINANCE_UPPER XX //[0.0:1.0] //

Change XX to a number between .4 or .6

Just download and unzip to wherever your fallout4.exe is

To Toggle
Hit scroll lock

To Remove:

Delete what you extracted

To Change SSAO Parameters

Open Reshade > McFX.cfg with Notepad and Edit the options under ///**AMBIENTOCCLUSION**///

Recommended Tweaks
- Godrays LOW or OFF
- Nvidia control panel AO set to Performance

Always remember to Endorse your favorite mods to keep the fake ones from showing up at the top of searches.

Crosire - Creator of ReShade -
LuciferHawk - Ceator of ReShade Framework and GemFX - Creator of SweetFX
Marty McFly - Creator of Master Effects
Ioxa - Creator of High Pass Sharpening
JPulowski - Creator of misc shaders