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This mod increases the light radius of most workshop lights and makes the falloff softer. DLC supported.

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Inspired by similar mods found on the workshop, this mod increases the light radius of most workshop lights and makes the falloff softer and more natural, but with my own personal values. The biggest difference is that this mod also has support for the official  DLC. I have made optional files for DLC that are also available for download, as well as an "all-in-one" version that includes all changes in one mod. This mod was created using the official Creation Kit and was originally meant as a test to see how similar it was to the iterations from previous games. I decided to share it so enjoy! 

In regards to the Vault-Tec DLC lights:
After mucking around with the lights I have decided not to include them in my own mod. This is in one part due to being unable to get results that I like and in other part due to two great mods available that already change the lights. These two authors have done a much better job than I have been able to. These two mods are Better Vault Lights by hotrods20 and Vault-Tec SimuSun Lighting by LoneGhostOne. I will personally be using one of these two mods and highly recommend you do the same. 

-- Features --

Base Game:

  • 100% increase to the radius of most tech lights. Smoother falloff. 
  • 50% increase to the radius of most normal lights. Smoother falloff. 
  • 100% increase to the radius of the Construction Light. Slightly widened the light cone.
  • 100% increase to the radius of the Turret Spotlight. Slightly narrowed the light cone. (Should affect the Automatron spotlight as well)
  • 50% increase to the radius of the powered on lights for the pylon and the water pump. Smoother falloff.
  • Optional version including shadows on spotlights added.

Wasteland Workshop:

  • Most lights have had their radius tweaked by either 50% or 100%. Their falloffs have also been softened.

Contraptions Workshop:

  • Conduit lights, conduit radiator, and all marquee lights  have had their radius tweaked by either 50% or 100%. Their falloffs have also been softened. 

-- Notes --

  • Light Box, Strobe Light, and the Mirror Ball are unchanged.
  • Automatron - The wall mounted spotlight from Automatron should be affected by the changes with the base game mod but I haven't had a chance to test this personally.
  • Wasteland Workshop - The candles and oil lamp from Wasteland Workshop are unchanged as they are made differently than other lights and I have been unable to modify them. If any other lights from the addon are unchanged it is likely due to the same issue.
  • Contraptions Workshop - Lights on displays (power armor display frames, powered display cases, ect) are unchanged. 
  • You shouldn't experience any type of performance hit. If anything your FPS should increase from using fewer lights. With that said your mileage may very depending on how many lights you use in a given area. Lights that add shadows will give more of a hit to performance than others so you should still use them sparingly. The version with shadow-casting spotlights will reduce performance, especially if multiple spotlights are used.

-- Installation --

Simply click "Download with Nexus Mod Manager" button and you should be good to go. As of version 1.01 there is a FOMOD installer which has an All-In-One option, which includes any DLC that have added lights to the workshop, as well as separate options for the base game and DLC. Which option you chose is up to you, just make sure you DO NOT have both the All-In-One option selected along with any of the separate plugins.

The same applies if you are installing manually. 

-- Compatibility --

Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't directly modify the light linked to workshop lights. Mods that alter the object itself should be fine, the same goes for any other mod related or not. I have not tested this but there shouldn't be any problems in theory. Should be fully compatible with mods such as Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks.

-- Special Thanks --

  • Ozin (Oz3) and Elvani, for the inspiration.
  • Wenderer, for their FOMOD Creation Tool
  • Bethesda, for the Creation Kit.