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Clothes and armor from vanilla/base game Fallout 4 converted to BodySlide for use with Super Hero Bodies (SHB).

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[Super Hero Bodies]
~ SHB Vanilla Refit ~

If you like SHB (Super Hero Bodies) and want to have all of your boys appropriately fit and clothed for your pleasure and enjoyment, then look no further, nor get desperate, calm your nip nops!

This mod makes all clothes and armors from the base game (as of Fallout 4 patch 1.4) fully compatible with SHB and BodySlide.
If you want all of the males to wear clothes fitted to your preferred body preset or customize each outfit to your desired shape, then get this ASAP!


You'll obviously need SHB, unless you want beefed-up outfits without the beefed-up bodies, which is weird, but hey, no judgements from me!
BodySlide is required if you want to customize the body shape of the outfits, not strictly necessary, but I don't see why you wouldn't want to have it!


SHB Vanilla Refit - This pack contains all the files required to customize and build the outfits with your preferred preset/body shape. It does not include any mesh, so you need to build them in BodySlide (SEE INSTRUCTIONS SECTION).

SHB Vanilla Refit (Kurt) - This pack contains the meshes of all the outfits built with the "Kurt" preset, the default of SHB. It does not need BodySlide, and is solely uploaded in case someone only wants the default "Kurt" preset without having to use BodySlide.

SHB Automatron Refit - This pack contains the BodySlide files for building the Automatron DLC armors. New group "SHB Automatron Refit", so you need to save your custom preset again adding this one.

SHB Automatron Refit (Kurt) - This pack contains the meshes of Automatron DLC armors built with "Kurt" preset, for those that don't use BodySlide.

SHB Vanilla Refit 1.1 - This update fixes the wrong mesh in Minutemen General Uniform. Thanks to SpyderArachnid for reporting.
It contains is compatible with the Main file and the Optional file.


To build the outfit meshes, follow the instructions below (in case you don't know how to, already):

  1. Launch BodySlide;
  2. Click on the magnifying lens of Group Filter;
  3. Click on "Choose Groups...";
  4. Tick the box next to "SHB Vanilla Refit" and then OK;
  5. Select any SHB outfit from the dropdown list to the left; << I suggest any outfit EXCEPT "SHB Armor...", because they ommit some or most sliders!
  6. Select a preset right below or adjust the sliders as you see fit;
  7. On the lower left, click on "Batch Build...";
  8. Make sure all the desired outfits are ticked and press "Build";
  9. Press the big "Build" button again, just to be sure.

You will have all the (selected) outfits/clothes/armors meshes created on their proper folders, and you're all set to go play!

If you have created your custom preset for SHB, you will NOT find it under the presets for these refits. You need to rebuild your custom preset and add "SHB Vanilla Refit" group to it. If you don't know how, follow the intructions below:

[EASY Method: Rebuilding Custom Preset]
  1. Launch BodySlide;
  2. Select any "Super Hero..." outfit on the upper left drop-down list;
  3. Select the custom preset you want to add to SHB Vanilla Refits;
  4. Click on "Save As..." to the right of the preset;
  5. Tick the "SHB Vanilla Refit" group (DO NOT un-tick "Super Hero Body" group);
  6. Confirm it and the preset should be up and running for SHB Vanilla Refits as well! << If it's not, re-open BodySlide just to make sure.


Q: Why some sliders don't seem to work? Why the clothes look pointy/edgy?
A: This pack uses the vanilla meshes, thus, they use the vanilla body where it shows as well. That means low poly on body and clothes, and some sliders may not work as they should, for example, the Nipple slider. I've made my best to reduce the pointy/edgy look on high slider values, especially groin, shoulder and pectorals, where this happens with frequency. There is NO viable solution to the pointy/edgy look as of now, since there isn't higher-poly (thus more Slider-friendly) vanilla clothes pack for males as far as I know. WHEN THERE IS, then someone should notify me and I'll re-convert them beautifully!

Q: The Raider Buttressed chest armors are clipping! Why that?
A: BECAUSE there's an EXTREMELY low-poly metal plate under the cables and I'm no master Metal-bender to make it shape nicely. All I can do is release a shitty workaround that destroys the cables and the armor design. If anyone asks for this "patch", I'll upload it here. My suggestion is either use low pecs values (the clipping starts past 45% pectorals value), OR deal with the clipping as an extra eyecandy, why not?

Q: OTHER armors are clipping! Why?
A: I have not tested them myself, I'm not even sure I should release this as a full "version 1.0" yet, and I'm currently a bit lazy to test each and every piece and combination. For instance, if you're using any mods that allow you to use armor parts over clothes that by default do NOT allow armor pieces over it, it's NOT my fault, they aren't compatible by default, deal with it. If they are clipping for no reason, it's either Bethesda default (sorry, I cannot fix everything, I'm just doing what I can), or it's completely my fault for overlooking some sliders because my back was hurting when I was working, so send me screens and names and info on the issues, yes?

Q: Some clothing/armor is not converted AT ALL! Why is that?
A: I overlooked it, maybe? Some meshes seemed completely "Cut-content", so I did not work on them. Also, make sure it's from the base game and not from a mod. Also make sure another mod isn't overwriting the meshes you built through BodySlide or something is overwriting the Kurt meshes pack.
If you are completely sure it's an outfit from vanilla FO4, give me screen and name of the outfit, if possible and I'll look into it.

Q: Will you convert Automatron/(other DLC) armors?
A: Maybe, if you ask nicely! No, really, I'll do them, but it may take a bit of time, my mate wants me to play Neverwinter with him. >w>'

Q: Could you convert "INPUT-CLOTHING-MOD"?
A: Now, THAT's a BIG maybe. If you get the mod author's permission for me, chances are I'll do it, sure! I'm... You know, it may sound weird, since I'm talking/typing this whole lot, but I'm actually quite shy to ask for permission and do these nice stuffs. For emphasis, this is my very first mod on Nexus or anywhere else! I usually just help from the shadows when I see an opportunity. SO, get the mod author's permission for me and I'll do it, yah!
DO NOTE! I need the mod to have a working male mesh, so I cannot convert Female-Only clothes mods!

Q: Why is this a FAQ, when no one asked anything yet?
A: I... Uhh... I........ Am gifted with Foresight! Thus I'm answering all the questions I can foresee right now!

Q: Why do you talk so much, geez? Didn't you say you're shy?
A: I DUNNO! I just... Get carried away? Lulz!
I'm just a lonely, lonely guy, and I tend to talk to myself all the time because I don't have many friends...
I guess that's answers enough for now! This FAQ is over! LULZ!!!


smorris2012 for making Super Hero Bodies (SHB), the best male body out for FO4 right now, IMHO.
Leito86 for making Enhanced Vanilla Bodies (EVB), from which SHB was made.
ousnius and Caliente for making BodySlide and Outfit Studio for Fallout 4 (and for making OS remove unused sliders automatically! TYVM!!!)
wolfgrimdark for helping me with hints on the converting process.
Bethesda for the awesome game that is Fallout 4!


I give full permission of using the contents of this mod, as long as you keep it FREE!
I spent quite some time and effort (and sleepless nights) to deliver this free for all, so I expect the same good will from whoever uses it!