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Restores a cut shotgun from deep in the gamefiles to being a useful wasteland weapon.

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Update:  I had the folder structure wrong originally on the update but it's fixed now so the shotgun shouldn't be invisible. I also added a custom sound that's really awesome and some polish on how the reload animation is handled with version 1.3. I'm very sorry about the error, but it worked fine on my computer because of redundancy of files on my end and I was looking in the wrong place to try to troubleshoot this problem.

This mod adds a very powerful heavy gauge shotgun to the game that was cut early in development stages. I wanted to also balance a double barreled shotgun so that you might actually use it, especially well into the game where enemies are tough. It's really good at lightly armored targets, please refer to this video of a rampage at the Institute Concourse. I have nerfed it a bit since this video was taken. 

There's a few tricks you need to make it work
1. First you must craft it at a chemistry station(because it's not known how to construct items with the weapons workbench AFAIK)
2. Then you must build a receiver, any receiver you'd like
3. Now you can add stocks, sights, etc
4. In order for the weapon to function nicely you must choose a barrel to add to it. Otherwise it will appear to work but will have a range of almost ZERO. 
To avoid cluttering the model, you may choose the barrel labelled "short" which eliminates the imposition of barrels onto this one. Why? Because without real mod tools the game tries to fight modders at every turn. Adding any custom craftable parts to the model completely ruins animations and makes it unusable. If someone could tell me how to add a craftable without it nullifying all the weapon data, I'd love to hear it. 

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