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  • German
Hey guys, modder Draco856 created a mod called Generator - Fusebox, with his mod you are able to use the 100 energy Fusebox from Diamond City's Home Plate, he offers even more variants that ranges from 10-100 energy, take a look at his mod.
Update to v. 1.1

With some suggestions of you and some reflections of me, i decided to ease the required percs for the boxes, was a bit to tough + i changed some small things.


  • The fusion core is now only required for the Fusebox 100 
  • Removed the fusion core from 3, 5 and 10 (makes it more special for the Fusebox - 100) + makes more sense
  • Removed Nuclear Physicist from 3,5 and 10, because NP is at Int 9 on the perc tree and to get there is really hard (Science still required for all boxes)
  • Started the resource requirement system from scratch and got now the perfect mixture
  • Removed aluminum, cause the Fusebox consists of steel, overlooked that.
Read the Description:

With his permission i created a more realistic version of the Fusebox for players with a more realistic touch and that doesn't feel like you are cheating.

These Fuseboxes are really OP, because they don't produce the loud noises, they are small and they can be added to every wall and almost every object. But i don't want the regular Generators to be useless, playing with these Fuseboxes without a hurdle would be to easy, everyone would only use these Boxes instead of the regular Generators.

First of all i removed the many variants ranged from 10-100 and changed that to 4 available Boxes with 3,5,10 and 100 energy and added a new perc and resource requirement system for every single Box.

Every box had the same resource requirements, now it's more balanced, the more energy you use, the more material you have to use, but only more of electricity materials, this will prevent from overuse the Fusebox.

I added nuclear material as the core material, as you know it's very rare, so think twice when you have to wire something, the regular generators could be the wiser option sometimes, ecpecially for building outside.

Be aware, if you are at the beginning or mid-game and you installing this mod now, you got no chance to play with the Fusebox which provides you 100 energy, because of the high perc requirement that i added. If you guys think it's to hard to reach, i'm open to discuss it, just let me know or as i mentioned above, Draco856 has a easier option to play and build with.

Note: Please back up your save files or at least one of them before installing or before using these boxes, uninstalling this mod because of an update or so, could cause some problems, every box you've placed and wired will disappear, only the wires will be there and connecting them again to the updated box will maybe cause CTD's. I tested it, but i had no problem, only thing is, you can't place the old wires to an updated box, you have to wire everything again.


Example for the Fusebox 10

  • 3 Copper
  • 5 Crsytal
  • 1 Gears
  • 8 Nuclear Material
  • 1 Rubber
  • 2 Steel

  • removed ceramic 
  • added Copper
  • added Crystal
  • added Nuclear Material

Reources to base on the regular switch (which transfers electricity), the regular Generators and the new Generator-Fusion from WW (Wasteland-Workshop), pretty much balanced for every single Box.


  • Fusebox 3  --> requires (Science 1)
  • Fusebox 5  --> requires (Science 2)
  • Fusebox 10  --> requires (Science 3)
  • Fusebox 100  --> requires (Science 4 & Nuclear Physicist 1) If you got this one you are the king

Also the percsystem is a good mixture between the regular Generator and the new Generator-Fusion from (WW).

I'm aware that this Mod isn't for everyone, i created it for me and thought this could be a option for people out there which like to play the more realistic way and don't want to change the core of this brilliant game. This is a very simple mod, see this as an addition to the regular generators, just harder to get, but when you got these Powerful boxes you can create and build much more better.

If you are using the version from Draco856 you have to uninstall his version first, should be work well with every other mod that doesn't touch the Fusebox.

I tested everything and the mod should be ok, but let me know if there is something to be fixed and please let me know and feel free to suggest everything that makes this mod better.

Use NMM (recommended) or manually copy the file directly into the data folder of Fallout 4 and don't forget to enable the mod in the plugins section of NMM--> If it doesn't work, i'm here to help you.

Made with FO4edit

I want to thank Draco856 for his great Mod and the permission to create something similar of it.