Leveled Spawns by Maud Kon
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Added: 22/04/2016 - 02:35AM
Updated: 01/05/2016 - 06:30PM

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Last updated at 18:30, 1 May 2016 Uploaded at 2:35, 22 Apr 2016

Leveled spawns adds tons of spawning points to the Commonwealth. They are placed on strategic locations where you either wouldn't expect an enemy to be or on points that should have had them in the vanilla game. You'll also find new legendary bosses (all named) with unique weapons. Most spawning groups have some NPC's that will only spawn from a certain level, but as all the placed NPC's are made pretty strong you are certainly in for a treat.

Leveled spawns will NOT be updated at this moment. The idle enemy bug is known. I am currently working on a large quest mod, so I have no time to update this mod at the moment.

Once my quest mod has a stable release, I will completely redo this mod and fix the issues with this mod in the process.

Features (v 2.5)
  • Adds over 260 thought-out spawning points.
  • Several patrols will roam the Commonwealth. More will be added in coming versions.
  • Various enemies are hidden. Look out for the snipers.
  • Five named legendary bosses with unique weapons.
  • All added enemies should be spawned on a higher level than yourself, making much more of a challenge than vanilla enemies.
  • Leveled enemies that will spawn on certain levels. There are some pretty difficult locations even on higher levels. 
  • Several new locations for Behemoths and Mirelurk Queens.

Legendary Bosses
  1. Steve - Drops "Frontal Assault", a legendary automatic Assault Rifle.
  2. Albert Chestpiece - Drops "The Pump", a legendary Gauss Rifle with explosive effects.
  3. X3-FY - Drops "Experiment B34", a legendary Cryo Institute Rifle.
  4. Jerry - Drops "Convenience", a legendary shotgun with reduced AP and +1 luck.
  5. Hank - Drops "Butcher Pete", a legendary ripper with reduced AP and bleeding effect.


Install via NMM or drop the .esp file in your Data folder. 


  • This mod is made with the CK Beta and works with patch 1.4 and 1.5 beta.
  • You would technically be able to run this with other spawn mods, but it is definitely not recommended. Not only might there be conflicts, but this mod has a totally different approach. Leveled spawns doesn't just ups the amount of vanilla spawns but has handplaced locations and variaty in enemies.

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