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Retexture of our beloved Pip-Boy 3000 Mk IV to resemble Kaneda's bike from the manga and anime Akira! Default texture resolution.

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This feature is retexture of our beloved Pip-Boy 3000 Mk IV to resemble Shōtarō Kaneda's bike from the manga and anime AKIRA! It's really just a cherry red pipboy with the ever iconic stickers. Quite a simple retexture, but I'm working my way to more difficult themes I have in mind and thought I'd share.

Not a fan of Akira, I'll try and indoctrinate you below but in case youre especially resistent to badass futuristic biker gangs, you can choose from a few clean color schemes without stickers - or put your own stickers on it.

Color Schemes:
Cherry Red
Nuclear Fire Orange
Radiation Green
Quantum Blue
Raider Black

Endorse if you liked this :3

Here's an excerpt from the 1988 film. It is set in Neo-Tokyo, a futuristic city in 2019 after WWIII follwing nuclear detonations in 1988 Welcome to the wonderful work of AKIRA:

Note: In some of my screenshots, I am using TreyM's "Vintage Film Looks," (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, great work) specifically his Kodachrome Reshade/Sweetfx config. This is my current visual setup and have taylored the texture saturation to work a bit better with his preset. Either way, the texture should look fine with vanilla Fallout4 too. It just might be a bit more "cherry" red than expected. See the screenshots.

[left]You may want to adjust your Pip-boy interface color too if you want to replicate the screenshots.

More Pip-Boy retextures coming soon! Look out for DoctrDerp's Custom Pip-Boy Shop!
I have many ideas for themes - if you have a request, drop a comment and if it's something I think is appealing, I'll give it a shot.
Thank's for lookin' chiiiiildren. Signin out.

If you want to create your own texture or choose your own color, download the "DIY Custom Pip-Boy"


You can install this manually or through NMM. However, you'll have to get your game set up and ready to mod. Please refer to this tutorial. http://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation

Edited Desc to reflect changes with NMM installation

Added Manga edition - True to manga stickers.
Added DIY Custom Clean Version.
Added a "No Stickers" Version.

Version 1.0
- Release

Credit/Permissions: I do have any affiliation with nor am I profitting in any way from the use any depictions of the brands or images used in the creation of this texture. All trademarks belong to their respectful owners. If there is a conflict with the publishing of this retexture modification, please let me know.

Logo likeness/insp from Shadman's Vault Girl and bigCman123's interpretation. She's a cutie and this is my take on it.