Fallout 4
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Adds a Scottish Claymore to Fallout 4.

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Scottish Claymore

By Billyro


Version 1.1 released! This fixes the wet material in the model so the sword will no longer turn black whilst it's raining. 


This mod adds a Scottish Claymore to Fallout 4. It can be crafted at a Chemistry Station under its own category. 

The sword has a base damage of 30 (Grognak's axe is 25) and is faster and longer than a baseball bat. So yeah, it should last you pretty well into the late-game. If you think that's too powerful (it really isn't compared to late-game melee weapons... but oh well) then you can grab the optional file "Weaker Stats" which will change the damage to 25.  

Want this sword in Skyrim? You can get it here

Thanks to HTH Mods and NorthWind for the videos!


Shouldn't conflict with anything. 

Known Issues:

While being idle for a few seconds in third person, your character will take a relaxed stance and grab the blade. While you can grab a blade in real life without cutting yourself (so long as your hand doesn't slide) it's still not something I'd personally do. I can't fix this without altering the animations. 

In first person, the hilt is below the camera. With a high FOV (like 110) you can see it, but I don't think many people use a FOV that high. See this image for a FOV comparison! Again, I cannot fix this without altering the animations. 


The standard procedure. If you're unfamiliar with installing mods, watch this (manual installation) or watch this (NMM installation).


Please notify me if you want to use this model in a custom mod. Do not upload elsewhere unless I give you permission. 

Tools Used and Credits:

3DS Max 2016
Material Editor

Humus, for the cubemap