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High resolution retextures for the robot armor from the Automatron DLC in either a black or green color scheme.

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Never expected one of my mods to reach the hot files! Thank-you so much everyone!

Hello everyone! I'm here to share my retexture for my favorite armor set in the Fallout series yet. The robot armor really caught my eye so I decided to spend some hours (waiting for survival mode) giving it a full retexture from scratch. I wanted to closely match the original look while trying to give a more uniform look to all the pieces. While doing that I tried to make sure all the pieces still looked detailed and beat up as they should. I also tried to make sure the materials all looked more realistic, so I redid all of the specular maps as well as added much more detailed normal maps to ALL robot armor pieces. 

Please Note! I am using the Enhanced Wasteland Preset for the screenshots. I would highly recommend it if you do not have it!

Really hope you guys enjoy this one! Sorry about not doing much lately I have been really busy and have not had much time to make much. As long as you guys like them though I will be happy to deliver when I can. Thanks everyone! Let me know what you think good or bad. All is appreciated!

Thanks to Nozi87 for the wonderful showcase of this mod. 

"Better Nuka-Cola Machine"