Fallout 4
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WW Concrete Structures to fit in The Castle and a few other things

Permissions and credits

This mod will act as a replacer for the concrete structures from Wasteland Workshop. It's similar to my mod Cleaner Concrete Structures but with some improvements and a few other goodies. I edited and reused vanilla assets, and tried my best to get decent normal/specular maps. No more lines or holes.

Since in my main game I finally decided to make the Minutemen Castle my main settlement (again), I disliked how there was no way to create buildings that would really fit in there.
As a result, the Concrete Structures will now use the wall/floor textures of the Castle, and it fits really nicely.I also made the metal frame much darker so it could fit better with the new texture. The floors and Powered Doors were changed too. See the pictures or the video below. Time to go medieval !

LOC comes in 2 version : V1 and V2, one with the second floor having some grass, in case you want to make an inner garden like me.
V2 for vanilla style with a cage floor. Check out the pictures to see how both look like.

Also, note that while being a replacer, the mod won't change anything other than the workshop concrete structures.
The .esp file was a simple edit for the powered doors (2 lines basically), so nothing risky if you install/uninstall.

Bonus file : replace the bus without wheels with an open static vertibird, no issues with collisions.


A detailed video to show you how it looks in game. No slaves were harmed during the making of it.

For a quick preview you can watch until 1:30, after that I just took my time to show exactly how each item look in the game. I used V2 for the video.

Known Issues

Sound issue :
The floors (except Upper-Floor) still have the metallic surface sound when you walk on them, I'm trying to figure out how to change that. Seems to be a materials setting to change, but I'm not entirely sure. If anyone know, please PM me.

Minor texture bug :
Maybe it's only me, but if you have a structure with its textures "trembling" or ghosting a bit, simply select it and replace it. It should fix the problem and shouldn't come back, even after fast travelling/loading a save.
I'm trying to figure out why it acts like that, it happens mostly when you place many items very fast (spamming E).

Otherwise as shown in the video, everything else is fine.


- I'd like to thank Printerkop who helped me with the normal & spec maps. Thanks again man ! :)

- The Legion and Gomorrah flags you see in the video and screenshots is from Flags of the New World by DDProductions83 & MysteryMachineX.
I just made a few modifications on both of them.

- For my character and the outfit you see at the end of the video, see this picture, every outfit mod I used is linked there.
- For her face, check out Exotic Chocolate.

And of course thanks to Bethesda for the vanilla textures and FO4.