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A full-length quest mod, with unique bosses, locations, and new weapons. Take down a deranged teleporter AI or ram a train into a giant mirelurk queen.

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Normally I'd put some sort of thematic flavor text here, but who cares!

Welcome to a little quest mod I banged out to show what's possible. Ransacked Relays and Shuddersome Subways adds a pair of brand new adventurous areas, that will have the player dodging traps and navigating precarious walkways to face off against some of the Commonwealth's biggest and nastiest foes.

-Two new fullscale dungeons, with traps, creepiness, and sights abound.
-Two new quests: Ransacked Relays and Shuddersome Subways, for the player to complete, each gives a fairly decent-tier reward.
-Two new massive bosses: ACRONYM and the Mirelurk Godqueen Deathkiller Supreme, which have their own unique attacks and ways to be defeated.
-New weapons for both unarmed players and players who like to let other things fight for them
-Voice acting for all dialogue in the mod

Like any normal mod, unzip the files and copy them to your data folder, and make sure you've got the game able to load loose files.
The relay can be found just north of Outpost Zimonja, it's a big relay dish so you can't miss it.
The subway tunnel however, can be found South of Poseidon Energy. It has a railroad crossing icon on the map. This mod will obviously conflict with any mod that modifies those two areas.
This mod DOES work with Survival and Companions, but you'll still probably die. A lot.

Q: I keep dying when trying to jump off the monorail
A: Stop being bad at dying. And get a running start.

Q: Weren't you working on some other quest mod?
A: Yes, Maxwell's World. this mod includes a slight tie-in to that.

Q: Nothing works correctly!
A: Make sure you installed things.

Q: Where are Outpost Zimonja and Poseidon Energy?
A: Both are right near the northern and southern edges of the map, respectively.