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Changes the Diamond City Guards, so that they no longer all wear the same gear, and instead have randomized helmets and armor pieces.

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It really bothered me that, despite a variety of the armors existing in the game, the Diamond City guards only ever use full arm pieces and helmets.

This adjusts the outfit for the Diamond City guards to use leveled lists for their Helmets, Left Arm Pieces, and Right Arm Pieces.

They have a 1/3 chance of getting their default full helmet, 1/3 chance of getting the more open light helmets that were rarely used in the vanilla game, and a 1/3 chance of not having a helmet.

They have a 1/4 chance of getting a full armor piece, 1/4 chance of getting just a shoulder piece, 1/4 chance of getting just a forearm piece, and 1/4 chance of not getting any arm equipment.

Using this mod will make it clear why Bethesda gave all of the DC guards the same helmet, despite the variations existing. They have a very limited number of faces available, and the majority of the guards use the same face. It is a little bit disconcerting, so if things like that bother you, I wouldn't recommend this mod, unless you have a mod to add greater face variety.


  • Much greater variety of gear in Diamond City
  • No more nonsensical uniformity for the entire guard

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Should be compatible within anything that doesn't edit the lists or outfits of the Diamond City Guards. Load this mod after any other mods that do

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