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Obligatory Dark Souls screenshot because why not. 

Ever wanted to scrap the entire island Sanctuary Hills is on, but was disappointed by the fact that you were limited to just the neighborhood? Or did you want to build a fort that encompassed both Sanctuary Hills and the Red Rocket Truck Stop, but were thwarted by the limits imposed on you by the developers? This mod allows you to achieve your crazy goals and unlocks much more for your twisted, unfettered mind to play in without the sloppiness of dumping a bunch of workbenches all over your map, cluttering your save file and requiring toggling god mode.

It does this by simply adding twenty-nine trigger-boxes that cover the entire playable worldspace, each one attached to one of the twenty-nine exterior workshop benches, giving every single workbench a massive boost to buildable and scrapable areas. It also removes all height limits to every workbench, so you now have proper verticality to enjoy, and you can enter workshop mod outside of the workshop boundary, but only the closest one. So, if you are closer to Red Rocket Truck Stop than Sanctuary Hills, it'll open that one instead.

Why twenty-nine? Why not one?

I tried that at first, but I learned that there is a complication with the workbenches that prevent a total map coverage workshop - which was my original intent for this mod. In order to use a workbench and it's workshop you need to:

1.) Either be allied to the Settlement by completing quests, or own it by slaughtering it's inhabitants or simply discovering it and clearing the area.

2.) There are no enemies around in the area of the workbench.

3.) And the workbench itself must be 3D loaded on the grid that is centered around you.

So, you don't have absolute control over the Commonwealth unfortunately, but you are still given a great deal of power over every settlement, expanding them far beyond their original intent. Most workshops cover maybe two or three cells, but with this mod, as long as the workbench is within your uGridsToLoad local area map, you can build and scrap to your heart's content. The default is 5x5, but you can easily get a superior rig to 7x7 or even 9x9 before you hit massive lag and load times - if you are a scrub at modding, do not mess with this setting, just leave it alone.

This mod is at it's best when using Spring Cleaning or Scrap Everything - I prefer the latter - and any mods that add to your workshop inventory. It should be noted that scrap mods will not work out of the box, or work in a very limited fashion, outside of the vanilla boundaries because of how the game works. If you are using the ini version of Spring Cleaning or have bUseCombinedObjects at 0, then you will be able to scrap beyond the vanilla boundaries. Keep in mind, this mod is not intended for weak computers, it's meant for the machines that can handle the creations of the craziest minds out there. If you have a crazy mind, but lack the machine, don't bother.

If you'd rather have a more realistic or more refined expansion of settlements, use the Expanded Settlements by Eysenbeiss instead of this one. I used them forever but found that it lacked the scope I desired for some areas.

To Install, just dump the esp into your data folder and do whatever you need to do to turn it "on." I edit the plugin.txt file because I do not endorse NMM.


Settlers will not sandbox in the expanded areas as their sandboxing is dictated by another trigger-box. I could've added one that would allow them to sandbox within the expanded area, but each area is different, and I'm lazy. Also, they may get killed by enemies in the expanded areas so until the GECK/Creation Kit comes out and I can better visualize all of the obstacles, it's not a good idea anyway.

If you decide to build in the expanded areas, be careful and mind the enemy attack spawn locations, lest you end up with Raiders and Deathclaws in your bedroom. You won't have to worry about settlers since they won't sandbox in the expanded areas, but you can certainly use this as an advantage by walling in the attackers and gunning them down from safety - if you want to lame it out.