Boogeyman Institute - Institute Gear Retexture by Saint Grimm Productions
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Black Institute Weapons: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1603/?

UPDATE V1.1: Changed it so the original black, pure white and metal variations of synth armor is now my darker black. dirty black, dirty white and old synth armor all use the original "dirty black" variation - Might make my own dirty texture when I've got more time.

I HAVE DELETED MY SAVE FILE WHERE I HAVE JOINED THE INSTITUTE TO RE-DO IT WHILE FINISHING UP OTHER FACTION QUESTS BEFORE I JOIN - SO I CURRENTLY HAVEN'T CHECKED TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS WEARING THIS ATTIRE INSIDE OF THE INSTITUTE. The only people I believe won't be wearing it, is people wearing scientists jackets (excluding father!) and I'm not going to change those because it will change scientists like that Jack Cobbat or w/e his name is.

My understanding is the institute is supposed to be mysterious, they're undetectable, they sneak into your home and steal your children in the dead of night! And they manage to remain undetected while wearing the brightest armor/clothes in all of the wasteland! Bull shit...

So I made this...

Just a retexture of all institute outfits to make them black, the institute symbol red instead of orange and the institute flag (settlement workshop item) to match.

I had originally thought about retexturing ALL institute items (interior walls, furniture, etc etc) but decided white is fine for inside the base - It'd be far too hard to make things out and also just look a bit silly probably. I still might try it out just to see... But I kind of took a huge break from modding because I just don't have the time... And I imagine that would require a HUGE amount of time to retexture ALL that stuff... So just don't expect it... (but it might happen someday!)

I most likely won't make all of them all black... If you want them ALL all black, then just copy and paste the black division and rename the copies to the names of the other files and they'll be black too. (Courser Outfit is already black)

List of items currently re-textured:

ALL Division Head Uniforms
ALL Division Uniforms
Father's Outfit
Synth Chest Piece
Synth Arms
Synth Legs
Synth Helmet
Synth Field Helmet
Synth Uniform
Cleanroom Suit (+hooded version)
Institute Flag


Install - 

Extract the data folder to the fallout 4 directory

 Change this line in the Fallout4.ini (located in : ...\Documents\My Games\Fallout4 )



sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\