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Hancock is the sexy king of the zombies.

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"...I think it gives me a sexy, king of the zombies kinda look."

Newly ghoul Hancock is not so old, or unattractive. Indeed, he runs closer to his concept art.

About the mod

      This mod contains a new face and body skin for Hancock. He utilizes the human model with the ghoul effects, namely radiation immunity. All other perks and stats remain the same. Conflicts may occur for mods that alter Hancock's actors effects, face or body skin.

      In return for these potential conflicts, the mod allows you to modify the face mesh using slm in your game. You can give Hancock any number of face modifications. Any and all modifications to the face can be applied and retained through save files and the face ripper. Bear in mind that new face shapes come with texture overlays that will go over the new skin. Rotating and resizing existing face shapes retains the existing skin. If you replace all of the face shapes in the file, Hancock will look quite fresh.

      For better results, you may customize the new face skin and body directly in the new Data\Textures\Actors\Character\Hancock folder. If you are using a custom body replacer for ghouls, please copy your existing texture to the Hancock folder.

     Please don't forget Ghoul Eyes ! Although not truly required, the replacements made by Cilbas drastically improve the quality of the eyes. The images shown are using Ghastly Eyes with Hancock's White Glow. In order to replicate the same result, you must download the materials, textures, and meshes associated with the files. Any of the options will work. You do not need the esp. The eyes shown for Ghastly Eyes are dark, and this mod will conflict because of the blue eyes.

     In addition to the face and skin textures, I have provided an optional version of Hancock's coat and hat. As the texture stands, Hancock's face runs redder than the average ghouls, and a slightly more saturated and darker coat complements it. This is the coat and hat shown in the preview images.

     My goal for the mod was emulate the concept art in a way that was lore-friendly and versatile. Without the GECK, it is currently very tedious and difficult to add a new race in F04Edit. This method is derived from another character in Fallout 4 who has a unique texture, Mayor McDonough.

Future Plans

With the release of the GECK, I will look into a custom ghoul race.

This method works, and is used in base game, but it's a short term solution.

Have a request? Ask.

Have a suggestion? Comment.

Want to contribute? Send me the save file, textures, or face-ripped esp.

This mod is made with F04Edit and Face Ripper.