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Create your own ammunition. A mod with a focus on immersion but keeping it simple.

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DISCLAIMER: This mod is also subject to on-going modifications so the recipes may change to make them more streamlined and viable to use on the field.

Ever go around the Commonwealth and find you're low on ammunition? Maybe you're finding a lot of ammo you don't need but not enough of what you do. Head over to any nearby chemistry station and you can now craft ammunition under the AMMO tab. There are already a few other ammunition mods out there but there was one of two things they do I didn't really care for:

1.) They used the basic components and nothing more, or seemed overly complicated.
2.) They added special workbenches you had to craft just to create your ammunition. No bringing materials with you and assembling it when you truly needed it.

Personally I wanted one that felt immersive (Creating the cases, the primer, gunpowder, etc.) but kept it simple. That's why I created this mod. I've been using it in my own personal playthrough for awhile and now I share it with you.

Table of Contents

  • VI. FAQ


Head to any chemistry station found in the game (Or created at any settlement.) and you will find required components under the "AMMO PARTS & COMPONENTS" tab. First craft the appropriate items from the list below. Next open the "AMMO ASSEMBLY" tab and you will find every ammunition type under here. This was formerly the "SYRINGER AMMO" tab, I just renamed it to prevent adding more keywords than required. Any mods that use that tab to add new ammunition to the Syringer Rifle will still work fine and will show up in this tab. Gunpowder can be obtained as a droppable component in the form of Gunpowder Containers. These are found on raiders, gunners, super mutants, and in explosive boxes. You can also buy shipments of gunpowder in the forms of 50 and 100 from some stores and caravans around the Commonwealth. These prices can be lowered with a higher charisma skill and by investing in the right perks.

Trashcan Carla - Carries shipments of 50 units of gunpowder.
Cricket - Carries shipments of 50 and 100 units of gunpowder.

Stores - Diamond City
Commonwealth Weaponry (Arturo) - Carries shipments of 50 and 100 units of gunpowder.
Diamond City Surplus (Myrna/Percy) - Carries shipments of 50 units of gunpowder.


When time permits and if I find the proper details I plan to add more weapons/ammunition to the Commonwealth. This is the current list:

Dynamite Stick
The Dynamite Stick is a choice set between Fragmentation Grenades and the Baseball Grenade in strength. Each stick will not explode until it hits an object, wall or ground then will go off after 5 seconds. NPCs can use the sticks of dynamite too and if you're fast enough the fuse can be put out and you can pick it back up. Dynamite sticks have been given a heavy knockback effect and will stagger most opponents caught within the blast so take care not to stand too close.


All the crafting recipes for ammunition and other goods used to create them. The list includes components, casings, parts, ammunition, explosives, and finally the recipes for breaking down ammunition.

Found under AMMO PARTS & COMPONENTS at any chemistry station.

Found under AMMO PARTS & COMPONENTS at any chemistry station.

Found under AMMO PARTS & COMPONENTS at any chemistry station.

Found under AMMO ASSEMBLY at any chemistry station.

Found under GRENADES at any chemistry station.


Found under AMMO SCRAPPING at any chemistry station. Due to limitations the bullets must be in the player's inventory and not stored in a workshop workbench. Each bullet or energy type can be broken down into a scrappable component called "Scrap Ammo". At this time breaking down gamma rounds, is not supported. These boxes can either be broken down at any workshop workbench or via normal crafting, they work exactly like any normal junk item supplying the needed components. Ballistic includes .38, .308, .44, .45, 5.56, .50, 5mm, 10mm, and shotgun shells. Energy includes fusion and cryo cells, and plasma and 2mm EC cartridges. Materials returned depend on the type of ammo you break down.

* Far Harbor allows breaking down .45-70 ammo.
* Nuka-World allows breaking down 7.62 ammo.



AmmoCraft is designed to be compatible with just about any kind of mod. Ammunition rounds remain unedited, and I've used scripting to apply my changes. Note that no other mods are required to use AmmoCraft as it uses the vanilla system. For the curious here are the changes I've applied via scripting.

FormID List (Used to add gunpowder shipments to the list.)

  • ShipmentItemList

Leveled Item (Used to add gunpowder containers to the drop lists and shipments to vendor stock. Also to add ammunition parts to enemy drops, and the dynamite stick to explosive crates.)

  • Container_Loot_ExplosivesBox_Raider
  • LL_Vendor_Components_Caravan_Cricket
  • LL_Vendor_Components_Diamond_CommonwealthWeaponry
  • LL_Vendor_Components_Diamond_Surplus
  • LL_Vendor_Components_Caravan_Carla
  • LLD_Gunner
  • LLD_Raider
  • LLD_Supermutant


Q: Why should I use your mod over <insert mod here>?
A: That's like asking why you should eat one brand of peanut butter over the other. Each mod author has their own take on adding ammunition crafting. Some are very in-depth and immersive, others use a simplified version like Fallout 4 vanilla's crafting system. Personally I wanted a blend between the two but didn't like the idea that the immersive ones required you make a separate workbench which pretty much tied all crafting to any nearby settlements. With Survival Mode now adding ammo weight, reduced carry weight, and preventing fast travel it's all the more important to decide what you bring with you. Sometimes bringing the materials in order to craft ammunition on the fly when you reach a safe haven can mean the difference between life and death. Plus you never know when you may pick up a really good gun, but realize you don't have the ammunition it uses. Now you can break down trash ammunition and create ammunition much more useful to you. All that .308 ammo you keep picking up will have a purpose besides being trade fodder.

Q: Why does the Vertibird Signal Grenade require flares?
A: First off, the signal grenades are supposed to be limited which is why Maxon only gives you a few after finishing "Show No Mercy". This means they shouldn't be so readily available to make at will. However if you destroy the Brotherhood with one of the other factions besides the Institute they suddenly have the signal grenades so it's possible they know how to make them, or they're finding them from somewhere. I figure the Sole Survivor may figure out how to jury rig them together using some circuitry and an existing flare. After all, the signal grenades are supposed to release an electromagnetic smoke that somehow vertibirds can lock onto.

Q: Can I import your mod into my own overhaul?
A: No. I put a lot of work into this for personal use but the joy of modding is sharing it with others. Honestly I don't like the idea of someone using my work in their own mod. But if you want to improve upon my mod (While linking back to this one of course and giving me credit.) I'm open to the idea as long as you contact me first.

Q: Can I post your mod on <insert website here>?
A: No, this is a Nexus and exclusive. If you see it uploaded anywhere else that means somebody stole it. Please inform me privately with the website address so I can get in contact with that individual.

Q: Can I translate your mod?
A: Yes, as long as you follow the above rule and link back to this one. Again, until I put it on this permission only applies to translations posted here on the Nexus.

NOTE: This mod will never become a pay-to-use mod when and if Bethesda releases the option. I will not ever charge money for my mods or accept donations. As a mod author I create mods for the enjoyment and satisfaction of improving my games, not for monetary gain. Translations of this mod or any other permissions to use assets from this mod have the same rule and can NEVER be used for monetary gain.


Team of FO4Edit
Other modder tools and resources shared by the community including the material editor I used for the BGSM files and the BA2 Unpacker to get the textures.