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The first time you enter Diamond City, you expect a prosperous and growing city filled with the classic Boston vibe and the sense of a stabilized society.
What you get instead is rubbish everywhere, and areas of the city which frankly lack major lore and detail, this is where i come in (Que Bee Gees Song).

The mod aims to painstakingly go through the various places throughout the Green Jewel of the Commonwealth and add much needed flora and details, from lit barrels lighting up alleyways, to pathways that should of been in the vanilla experience. I aim to take criticism and advice from posters who wish to have there say in what i add next to the project.

NOTE!: I do not aim to completely fill the city with so much stuff that it becomes either A. Game Breaking or B. non-lore friendly. 


Current list - May change in future patches

- Added details to speech stand, including new bush/trees and pavement for the good ol mayor.
- Included are various grasses to the city, "May require Hodilton to get a full grasp of what i have added, as most grasses blend in very well"
- Barrel fires/Lanterns, complete with fire effects and sound
- Completely Npc friendly, no bouncing into trees for you!
- Trees placed are minimal, i do not intend to create a "beeping" forest! :P
- Redone Valentine alley with ferns and rocks for that extra bit of detail
- Add extra detail to the main gate leading into the city
- Add more detail to current mod, be it my own ideas or yours, feel free to post. I will try to read and reply to as many as i can :).

----Future plans----
- Unknown content plans - working as i go, with imagination and requests. 
- Finalize and bring mod to perfect levels (not that it isnt completely stable now). 

Please like and Endorse! And thank you for choosing my mods :).