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Farmer Beth forgot you actually had to put food in the brahmin feeders. That ain't immersive, Beth. So I had to do it myself. And here it is. The mod fills caravan feeders too. And now it lets you craft troughs with water in them. Drink, you thirsty cattle.

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Now you can actually feed and water your Brahmin instead of wondering how they manage to survive by grazing on air out of an empty bathtub. This mod puts fodder in all new and old feeders including the caravan posts.

I also added a couple signs to the basically boring trading post and thinking of adding more stuff.

And now the much requested option: water in a tub for your cattle to drink.

You too can drink this water but, yes, it imparts rads.
I've yet to figure out how to make the tub solid in the watering trough context. You can walk right through it. Just pretend you can't.
Do cattle drink from it? I don't know. I sat around watching Brahmin for a good quarter hour and they obviously weren't thirstry. If you see them drinking, post the news. I'd like to know.

Note: This mod may change the behaviour of the Brahmins.
SnertTheDog observed: "This mod collides with another great mod. Personal Pack Brahmin use a feeder (a custom one) to manage the pack Brahmins. With your mod the Brahmins didn't follow the player character any more."

This mod goes nicely immersive with my cattle fart mod (now with a low volume option). Also I have a bathroom fixture retex mod that applies to these tubs as well. And while you're at it why not check out my other mods.