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Realistic Cinematic Preset

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DoomDays ENB 
- Realistic Cinematic Preset -

updated to Enbv307
Added Ssao

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It tooks a little while of work
to came out with this new preset
Using ENB+SwetFX+LUTs effect
Finally i can Release what i think it's my best job till now

All the pictures you will see are taken without mods installed 
The direct ENB on Vanilla game
This because something mods alter the visual
of what and ENB can do.
This doesn't mean your game need to run Vanilla, i'm sure
it would look spectacular with mods


This preset gives a "realistic" scene, colors are not strong as in vanilla
but would make all objects and things to pop up
But it adds also a Cinematic Vibe, angles in the screen are a little darker
to recall the old tv screens, it has also this "grane effect" 
(basicly something like MassEffect)

The lutting would make the weathers and days look different
Some days would be light and sunny ,dawn and dusk are mostly yelloish (i guess radiations change something)
Nights are not so dark , but i added a Lens effect to make lights pop up (like Nolan movies effect)
there's also a strong DoF if you wanna take great Screenshots


1) Download this preset,you will find a folder call "DoomDays"

2) Open the folder and put all the files you find in the folder into your
folder game where your fallout.exe is located

3) Download the latest Binary for Fallout 4 from ENBdev

4)From the wrapped Version copy "d3d11.dll" and "d3dcompiler_46e.dll  
iinto your game folder

Remember to adjust your Videomemorysizemb in the enblocal.ini based on your system

If everything went fine, you should get a central message that sweetfx 2.0 is running

plus ond left up angle Reshadefx and enb running


The impact on your system maybe different based on your pc and mods installed, on my Vanilla game 

Didn't have any performance lost

Add any mods you like and please report any imcompability

i will help in case

Remember to ENDORSE if you like


Boris Vorontsov (ENBSeries)Crosire (ReShade)CeeJay.dk (SweetFX)Marty McFly (MasterEffect)The ENB, ReShade,Ew. for Lenseffect and help presets and Nexus communities.