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Changes the yield and cost of shipments to a better balance point. Also adds more shipments to various vendors. Contains versions for shipments in workshop and additional weight.

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Be aware that the prices in the screenshots are based on low Charisma (4), no Cap Collector rank and no skill books. I teleported to DC after a new game to make the screens. To see the base prices, download the table in the misc. download section.

"You said you're a trader up from Quincy with enough supplies to keep the general store stocked for  a month? You hear that, Danny?" - Well, Piper could use that lie for every trader in the Commonwealth too. How are you as the General and Director/Knight/Überspy suppose to rebuild the Commonwealth with just a few trees here and there? What about the caravans and their connections? If you finally found a trader with a shipment you want, they make you bankrupt immediately. The only alternative: scavenge the Commonwealth for a bit, loading screen to your settlement, drop your load, loading screen, scavenge some more and repeat this over and over and over.

Fellow Bostonians, we have united the traders of the Commonwealth and they now work better together than before. You get more places to buy shipments, more yield for your money (the Commonwealth does not rebuild itself, you know) and more variaty too choose from per vendor. Start shopping today and make the Commonwealth great again!


  • New shipment tiers: 50, 100, 250, 500 (availablity depends on rareness).
  • Prices have been recalculated based on the weight and value of one unit (mostly making shipments cheaper, but why should vendors rip you off?).
  • Enables shipments at Teagan (Prydwen), Trudy (Drumlin Diner) and Choice Chops (Diamond City).
  • Adds more variaty in shipments to vendors that already sell them.
  • Some changes in what shipments vanilla vendors sell. Some shipments where not very logic at all for a vendor (like Deb selling Gold in Bunker Hill).

Easy (Regular plus features below)
  • Adds Wood and Steel shipments to several settlement workshops.
  • Adds another shipment depending on the settlement (plastic, oil, fertilizer etc.)
  • Adds a bunch of shipments to Sanctuary Hills to start building right away.

Hard (Regular plus features below)
  • Adds weight to all shipments based on the one unit weight.


It should go without saying that his mod is most likely not compatible with mods that edit shipments and if you download the Easy version, mods that edit the contents of workbenches. Each version has an optional download that is compatible with Wasteland Workshop.


Just use your favorite mod manager or drop the .esp in your Data folder.


You can find documents in the download section about the calculation of the shipment prices and a list with all new available shipments.