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A simple mod to unlock the Gorilla cage for all players

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FRIENDLY PSA: If anyone is having issues with Gorillas appearing in the cages, there's a vanilla Wasteland Workshop glitch with the cages where the gorilla will be "caught" but the cage will still appear open (if you see sparks around the edges of the open door, you've bagged a Gorilla). Power down the cage and you should see the "release" animation play and the Gorilla walk out. 

Link to Xbox One and PS4 versions:




"I believe in the principle that every man and woman has a right to his or her own Gorillas."  
-George Washington (probably)

In vanilla Wasteland Workshop, the Gorilla cage has two conditions on it:

1. That you finish the main questline. 


2. That you evacuate The Institute.

Which means Institute players and anyone who didn't evacuate The Institute can't get them. All this very simple mod does is remove those conditions so that Gorillas are available to everyone and anyone, at any point. No conditions, no strings attached.

Gorillas for one and all!