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Re-modelling and re-texturing of the Hunting rifle to look like a WW2 german rifle.

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Mauser Karabiner 98K

Re-modelling and re-texturing of the Hunting rifle to look like a WW2 German rifle.

The re-moddeling is done for most if not all stocks and barrels, iron/glow sights and bayonet. It's pretty much compatible with all other add-ons like scopes, barrel mods and bipods so you can easily achieve both historically accurate look as well as attaching some modern novelties.

I don't plan any more innovations or improve... ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT There will be some updates, Here's a list:

1. STAND-ALONE mod pack by courtesy of NordicRunes - It creates a separate set of Hunting rifle mods that change it to Mauser K98 rifle.
2. BAYONET HOTFIX, just replace the bayonet mesh with this to flip the blade so it n longer is upside down.


1 Go to your fallout 4 savegame location and open the fallou4 ini file.
2 change the line ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ to ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MESHES\
3 extract the files into your data folder

Credits and permits

Many thanks goes to team CBBE, without Bodyslide this mod wouldn't exist.

Publishing, re-posting, featuring is allowed you don't have to ask me, just credit me. As for asset use:

Modelling work is my job, do as you see fit with them, no permission needed, only credit me. Same with textures, but they come from a free graphics website, I'd rather suggest visiting and supporting those websites with a download as a first choice.