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Who knew crafted concrete could be that filthy ?

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Hello everyone!

Basically what the mod does : replaces the dirty concrete textures of Bethesda and adds a new one, a MUCH cleaner one. No idea who took a dump on the concrete while crafting it, what the hell is that?! Gotta ask Nick to investigate that.

The replacer is much better than what I had last time, and now fits nicely on all the new concrete structures.
The mod comes in 3 versions : beige, grey and dark grey.

Note : Keep in mind I use an ENB so there might be some differences with the colors and the screenshots here, depending on the ENB you use.

Note 2 : Nick found out who is guilty of the nasty vanilla textures...

Dogmeat...where are you...

How to install :

- Select the color you want
- Place the Textures, Meshes and Materials folders in your Data folder. And don't forget the .ESP file too.
- Now you won't live in a filthy peasant's house, yay ! :P

Nothing amazing I know, but I wanted to share because I've looked everywhere and nobody uploaded a mod to clean up the concrete structures.

Also, check out my new mod Lord of the Castle with concrete that will fit in The Castle settlement. Time to rule the Commonwealth.


26/04/2016 - Update : made brand new files with the edited normal/spec maps. No more holes or lines now. The new files include the floor update+powered doors. All the good stuff in one single package, you just have to select the color you want now.

15/04/2016 - Update : All concrete floors are good now, forgot one... Also added an additionnal file to clean the powered doors too, this change required me to make an .ESP file though. No choice. :(

14/04/2016 - Update : Changed the whole thing, now to avoid the unfitting textures in basements with the holes etc. I edited the Structures meshes so it uses only MY texture. Now the basements will remain unchanged. Only the Concrete Structures from Wasteland Workshop have been edited.
Thanks to SphereOfRa for pointing out the issue.