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  1. kerinskyri
    • member
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    Sir, thank you for your job! This is a very nice mod, but i want to give some comments about that. At firts, i knwo that you don't speak english, but probably google translate can help you, ofcource if you want to read it, highly inprobable, but still. In my humble opinion securitrone is too weak, its armor gives too minor buffs torso\legs and even more he only has torso, while others like sentery bot has head and body, where shots can be spread between them and even it still has more armor on a single piece like head, while we have only big unarmoured body. Another thing is lack of head, figuratively and literally, its combat style is wierd, he can easily fall down from the big height and die so add some kind of battle style to him, as other heads do (Or maybe fix it, it seems like bugged). And one more thing shoulder missles have to be included anyway, i mean that you can also install sentery bot back missle launchers\mirv and so on, yes, too many explosive, but securitrones were suppoused to be very strong and mr. House thought that they are actually stronger than any other robot, right? And that would be very nice if they can have auto repair even during the combat, at least as a craftable module. Sertainly everything will cost materials so i think that still would be pretty balanced, and if you are worried about that, full upgraded senterybot from automaton easily clears out locations solo and looses less than hald HP.
    Thank you for your attention i hope at least you will read it, and member i liked this mod very much, that's why i am writing here now!
  2. colonelcosmetic
    • member
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    is it possible to get the securitron hands?
  3. siborgjed
    • member
    • 20 posts
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    is there a muggy face?
  4. NicotineCaffeine
    • member
    • 846 posts
    • 6 kudos
    Yes Man! Best NV npc!!
  5. onix0500
    • member
    • 72 posts
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    Is it just me or is the torso slightly too far back? Instead of being centered on the leg attach point it's about an inch or so back.
  6. Motherlover978
    • member
    • 84 posts
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    When can we have muggy face?
  7. Futurebusman3
    • member
    • 37 posts
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    Will there be an update to add the hands? I want that hand/machine gun set up to look accurate
  8. doomsday0525
    • member
    • 328 posts
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    Anyone know if the majority (or all) of the bugs in the BUGS tab is gone? I would like to install this mod, but now if it would cause issues.
  9. Wufaris
    • member
    • 189 posts
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    I love this mod thank you so much for sharing! I added some of my own pictures too! Also here's a link to the glowing screen mod so you can see the face in the dark.
  10. CassandraKnight
    • supporter
    • 44 posts
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    Really cool mod thank you for making this but could you add the army soldier face for securitron screen?