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Adds a high tech gas mask that protects without hiding your characters face!

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Ever wanted to stay extra safe from rads, but worried someone might take a screenshot and miss your good side while it's hidden under a bulky Protective mask? Worry no more! Institute technology makes applying all that strangely abundant wasteland makeup every morning worth the while, all while keeping you safe from harmful face radiation™! Includes 3 size options (standard, open, and Tall), and 32 color options, so you can match any outfit!

Wearable by male/female characters, size options are purely cosmetic, stats do not change despite coverage.

Uses the 'mask' biped slot, which means it can be worn with most other forms of headgear including the UniHeadset.

I'm always looking for comments/criticism to improve my mods, while I may not respond to everything I will never ban you from my mods for providing your input or asking questions.

REMINDER: Screenshot auto-approve is ALWAYS on for all of my mods, showoff those pretty and well protected faces to your hearts content.

Version notes:

Added the Vibrant color palette from Cybernetics
Added glass opacity options
removed the need for any other masters
--No longer needs AWKCR or CROSS_Framework
Removed some excess records
Renamed styles to better match their look.
Crafted at chemlab or cyberlab now (Doesn't require CROSS_Cybernetics)


Added a flashlight option
--Adds a attachment to the mesh.
--flashlight replaces the pipboy light when the mask is worn and has one of the headlamp mods.
--proper headlamp visuals in 3rd person
--Multiple colors to choose from similar to the vanilla headlamps



CRAFTED AT AWKCR WORKBENCH. Under headgear. Colors/Size are customized at any ARMORBENCH.


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.



Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!
(Please keep screenshots SFW according to Nexus content guidelines)


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