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This re-enables the console in Survival Beta on Steam.

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This is my very first published mod of any kind. I am no expert but I 
figured out of all the requests and begging folks were doing towards Bethesda, this would help.

Mod Description:
A small edit that allows you to use the Console in Survival Mode. Please note this is for the 
Survival Mode Beta currently as the current live version has no need for this. 

NEW 1.5
With the new 1.5 patch the mods menu is now available. So all you need to do is place the esp in your data folder load FO4 enter the mods>load order and activate the mod. 

I don't use NMM. So if your having issues getting it to load or install it most likely that it is trying to place it wrong or your plugins file is read only.

To get this to work without a work around you need to know how to use FO4Edit.
1) Load DLCRobot.esm and this mod in FO4Edit
2) Expand this mod.
3) Right click on game settings and select either Deep copy as override into.. in the popup select the DLCRobot.esm and click okay.
4) Close the program which will save the edit.

And your done.

For those that use the work around just add this to load order anywhere.

Instructions supplied by Fatalmasterpiece

1) Download this mod as normal (with NMM or manually) and install it.
2) Close your mod manager.
3) Find "plugins.txt", right click > properties > uncheck "read only"
4) Open "plugins.txt"
5) Add an asterisk before all .esp mods.

Your plugins.txt list should look something like
(you may place any other .esp here with an * before it)

6) Save "plugins.txt"
7) Find "plugins.txt", right click > properties > check "read only"
8) Load FO4 as normal.
You must then repeat this process every time you make any changes to your mod list.

No known incompatibilities.

This is a final version. The only way this will become obsolete is if Bethesda changes the code. It should even work even after Survival is fully released.

Fatalmasterpiece - For supplying instructions that don't require using FO4Edit.