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A vibrant ENB preset with no dependency on SweetFX.

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Radaway ENB Preset

By Billyro

Update 1.1

-Tweaked adaptation (should fix the screen going dark when using a crafting menu)
-Tweaked shadow desaturation (should fix the darkness being too powerful)
-Tweaked lens intensity (should help fix the bright lights and the Institute)
-Tweaked and implemented subtle depth of field (it shouldn't interfere with gameplay)


Radaway ENB is a vibrant preset with no dependency on SweetFX. This means you can add SweetFX on top and tweak it to your liking, if so desired. 

The main focus of this preset was to create a colourful world with blue skies and lush grass. Essentially, the total opposite of what has been established in the lore. :P But hey, it's not like everything has to bland and colourless, right? 

The effects I have included are: sharpening (pretty lightweight), dithering (less colour banding in the sky), adaptation (ENB's one - not the vanilla one), bloom (quite faint) and lens (also quite faint). The most noticeable difference you'll see with this preset compared to vanilla is the overall brightness and saturation - Radaway ENB is darker and more colourful. I tried not to go overboard with this, but you be the judge. 

Included as an optional file is the "Sunny Stormy Weather Chances.esp" plugin. This simply makes clear weather, rain, and storms more common, while making overcast, fog, and mist less common. I made it simply for personal preference and you may or may not like it. It will most likely conflict with other weather mods, including True Storms, so be aware of that. 

Thanks to L3st4t and NorthWind for the videos!

Requirements and Recommended Mods

- ENBSeries 0.291 (or later)

- Fallout 4 Seasons (I use Summer)
- Darker Nights (I use level 5)
- Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks
- Pip-boy Flashlight


Should be fairly compatible with other visual mods, unless they dramatically overhaul the entire visual aesthetic of the game. 

It will not compatible with other ENB presets or SweetFX settings. However, since there is no SweetFX in this preset, you could add SweetFX and tweak it more to your liking if you so desired.  


1. Delete any ENB and SweetFX files you currently have (or back them up somewhere) - THIS IS IMPORTANT - OTHERWISE IT MAY NOT LOOK RIGHT
2. Install ENB for Fallout 4 by dropping its contents into your Fallout folder (\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)
3. Copy the contents of this mod to your Fallout folder, overwriting everything
4. Done

Known Issues

Explosions right in front of the camera will briefly darken the screen. It'll go back to normal after a few seconds. 


v1: Initial release


Boris Vorontsov: the creator of ENB