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A graphics mod that focuses on giving the game a more realistic look and feel.

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A special thanks to chris2012 for the excellent video!

Installation Instructions

1) Download the ReShade Framework package from http://reshade.me/

2) Extract the ReShade folder from the ReShade Framework and place it into your main Fallout 4 folder.

3) Extract the contents of the "Frankenburger Realism Reshade" folder and place them in your main Fallout 4 folder. Overwrite when prompted.

To uninstall, simply delete the dxgi.dll, ReShade.fx, and ReShade Folder from the main Fallout 4 folder.


Q) What does this mod do?
A) Lowers the game's saturation to more realistic levels, darkens darks, brightens light sources, enhances shadows, adds chromatic aberration, a second layer of depth of field (optional), and SMAA (optional). In short, it makes your game look pretty and is very similar to ENB.

Q) Why do I have to download the ReShade Framework from http://reshade.me/?
A) The ReShade EULA prohibits the shaders in the ReShade Framework from being distributed on any site other than http://reshade.me/. Without those shader files, my mod will not work.

Q) Is there a performance hit?
A) Yup! On my system there is about a 35% hit on FPS, so assume the same will apply to your system.

Q) The performance hit is too high! What can I do to boost FPS?
A) I would recommend using the No Chromatic Aberration file (found in the main package) and either Low Quality Ambient Occlusion or No Ambient Occlusion file (optional download). Disabling both should give a good jump in FPS at the cost of ambiance.

Q) I'm using the DoF version and my UI is being blurred
A) The UI detection algorithm is buggy in ReShade and doesn't work properly. Nothing I can do about that. Sorry.

Q) I get a weird jitter around object edges, especially DoF
A) You probably have TAA turned on in Fallout 4's graphics settings. If not, then there's probably not much that can be done. ReShade was never meant to be used specifically for Fallout 4.

Q) Will you be updating this mod in the future?
A) Probably not. I'm quite content with the way this mod turned out and see no need for further tweaking.